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Welcome to TheressaJohnson.com, also known as ‘You Are Psychic 101’. The name of this site should be self explanatory, but let’s clarify it anyway.

  • You are here because you’ve had contact with those who passed over into spirit, and you can’t quite believe it.
  • OR you do believe it, but you don’t know what to do about it.
  • OR you hope to have communication with your loved one in spirit, but don’t know how to go about it.
  • OR all of the above, and you think you’re just plain crazy.

Well, you’re not crazy! So, first of all, let’s get rid of that theory. Second, third, and fourth, if you were the one who departed, and left behind a whole lot of people who are grieving their hearts out, wouldn’t you move heaven and hell to let them know you are alright, and in fact, better than you have been in awhile?

So, that should take care of all of the above, right?

Happy Pisces New Moon !

The new moon March 17, 2018, falls at 26º Pisces decan 3. This new moon March 2018 astrology shows us we are just about to regenerate into something new. For this reason, it is a very unstable time where everything feels like it’s in flux. We are on the verge of spring, but it not quite there yet!

Unstable weather patterns persist and we might see our poor daffodils and croci blanketed in snow. The square from the Moon to Mars brings in even more instability. Mercury is also slowing down to turn direction for Mercury Retrograde on March 22. This might not be the best time to make any life-changing decisions or commitments. Keep all options open.

New Moon conjunct Chiron means the crisis, anger or conflict resulting from this new moon will expose a very painful wound in your soul. It could be an event from your childhood like bullying, or a physical wound, illness or disability. It could be a broken heart that never healed or the death of a loved one. Your deepest wound could have damaged your self-esteem and lead to depression, feelings of victimization or and inferiority complex.

The wild mood-changes in this decan are bound to keep us on our toes. Because of fluctuating emotions, we might well find it hard to keep hold of relationships at this time or stick to any project. We are apt to lash out for no apparent reason, so this decan is typical of the temperament that is often described being “artistic ” Interestingly in my research, I actually found very few actual artists with their Moon in this decan, but there are certainly those who have a finger on the pulse of what is popular in the collective.

This decan is very sensitive to what its peers (or the public) perceive them to be. If they can’t be loved then Pisces decan 3 might go out of their way to be unpopular and delight in being controversial. Moon in Pisces 3 loves being the subject of gossip, and they seem to lap-up any attention, even if it is negative. Bad press doesn’t exist as long as this person is being talked about; So at this time, we will see many prominent people feeding off drama in the collective. The Moon here can be quite “bratty” also. Infantile rages can emerge due to unresolved childhood trauma.

At first glance, this New moon March 2018 astrology does not look easy, with some sacrifices having to be made. It also will feel volatile. Like Pegasus, we may want to reach for the stars, but the cosmic weather will feel too blustery to set sail. Patience and deferred gratification are called for. Rash decisions may end in an embarrassing fall from grace. Trusting in the justice of natural law will be a challenge, but there is a good chance that a savior will step in at the 11th hour and rectify any mistakes.

New Moon square Mars suggests that the crisis involves a challenge from an angry man, your competitors or enemies. Someone may try to assert their power over you, leading to ego conflicts. You may already be irritable and impatience, and likely to react to any provocation or threats with aggression.

This aspect can lead to a buildup of anger, resentment or sexual frustration. Such potentially destructive energies must be channeled constructively so they do not result in conflict, accidents, muscle pain or exhaustion. Exercise, masturbation or hard work will work so long as you don’t over extend yourself and strain something. It is not a position that pro-active Mars really likes, but there will be some action just in the nick of time. Kind of like bidding for an item on eBay. It is all about timing and sensing the mood of the players around you.

 cancer full moon




Full Moon In Virgo (March 1, 2018)


Full Moon in Virgo

The full moon in Virgo on the 1st of the month puts us to work and puts us in a position to integrate and process what has piled up. What feelings need to be understood so that they can be digested? So that their wisdom can be integrated? So that their meanings can be organized and your life can run with greater efficiency?

Virgo motivates us to clear up what has been left in disarray. Sitting across from the full moon is a bevy of planets creating captivating chaos in Pisces fashion.

The sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron are all currently in the magical, messy waters of the fishes. Mayhem is no stranger to Pisces. Chaos is creative. Creativity is chaotic. But at some point this energy needs to be held. Directed. Clarified so that it can be put to use.

The full moon is here to help us do just this.

Allow some time around the full moon to cleanse your system. Detoxify. Remember that boundaries help you to articulate the emotional energy that Pisces pours forth so that it can express the wisdom that it holds.

Honoring both the dream and the plan to make it a reality is the Virgo/Pisces polarity and this full moon reminds us that believing in our ability to make our vision into a reality is a power we must put to use. Daily.

The day of the full moon also features a trine from Venus in Pisces to Jupiter in Scorpio. There are few other astrological signatures that are so abundant. Venus builds bonds. Jupiter creates abundance. Together they create an unstoppable, generative and generous energy. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, and Venus is exalted here. The trine between the two is therefore strengthened as the two share wealth from the same source.

This adds a luxury to a usually austere Virgoan situation. Look for the abundance that your efforts have produced and will in the future.

The ruler of the full moon, Mercury, also makes a trine to Jupiter. Mercury might not have clarity of thought in Pisces, but luck is on its side now.

With conjunctions between the sun and Neptune, and Venus, Mercury and Chiron, all in Pisces on March 4th, a mere three days after the full moon, emotional tides stay on the rise even when the full moon wanes. Pisces energy is elevated. With both Neptune and Chiron in the mix, healing infusions will need to be worked with consciously. Neptune intoxicates, but Chiron clarifies the nature of our wounds.

Don’t try to drown them, deny them, or let them fester. This is the season to address them, cleanse them and allow them the air, understanding and thoughtfulness that they need to heal.