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Welcome to TheressaJohnson.com, also known as ‘You Are Psychic 101’. The name of this site should be self explanatory, but let’s clarify it anyway.

  • You are here because you’ve had contact with those who passed over into spirit, and you can’t quite believe it.
  • OR you do believe it, but you don’t know what to do about it.
  • OR you hope to have communication with your loved one in spirit, but don’t know how to go about it.
  • OR all of the above, and you think you’re just plain crazy.

Well, you’re not crazy! So, first of all, let’s get rid of that theory. Second, third, and fourth, if you were the one who departed, and left behind a whole lot of people who are grieving their hearts out, wouldn’t you move heaven and hell to let them know you are alright, and in fact, better than you have been in awhile?

So, that should take care of all of the above, right?

The New Moon In Gemini On June 10 Calls For Some Major Life Changes

Eclipse season is finally winding down and it’s (fortunately!) leaving us with a little sparkle on it’s way out. On June 10, we will have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, which will invite us to initiate changes that will reverberate over the next six months. Are you ready to shake up the way you communicate, experience opportunities to learn new things and open new roads to fulfillment?! Read on to learn more.

For the last few weeks, not only has Mercury been retrograde, but the energy of the first eclipse of the season (the May 26 Full Moon Eclipse) is still lingering. It has been a time of self-reflection and digging deep into our psyches to gain greater understanding of ourselves and our influence on the world. You may have had all sorts of epiphanies, especially in regards to how to manifest a greater sense of freedom that allows you to march to the beat of your own drum. This energy will roll very smoothly into the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse, especially if you decide to take all the wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) things you’ve learned about yourself into consideration when working on your intentions.  

Let’s back up for a moment. What is a New Moon Solar Eclipse and what makes it so special? A New Moon Solar Eclipse is like a super-charged, super-potent new moon. Similar to a regular monthly new moon, this is a great time to begin something new, or at the very least, set intentions to manifest new experiences. However, the key difference between a New Moon and a New Moon Eclipse is that anything situations that arise during or around the time of the eclipse will have a much longer impact on your life. This is due to the presence of the North and South Nodes, which, in Astrology, speak to our higher callings and purpose in this lifetime. 

For this reason, eclipses are notorious for helping us recalibrate ourselves on our higher paths, especially if we have veered off in the last six months. Some astrologers even believe that if you watch the days immediately surrounding the eclipse, you will gain great insight into key lessons or focuses over the next six months. 

This eclipse will not only be in the sign of Gemini, which rules communication, learning, short-distance travel, transportation and electronics, but it will also be strongly influenced by mercury retrograde and Neptune. Because of this, you may find yourself fighting through a little confusion and mental fog to find the gift during this New Moon Eclipse.

With Mercury still in retrograde until June 22, information might even feel sparse or inconsistent.  Moreover, Neptune—which rules perception, illusions, disillusions, addictions and emotional sensitivity—might make our view of reality and ourselves a little touch and go. The trick to finding the diamond in this type of energy is to be willing to question your reality with curiosity and compassion. 

This is no time for judgment, blame or any other low-vibe behavior.  It’s a time to let Saturn help you to set clear, concise boundaries and goals that will help you access your highest sense of self. You are more powerful than you can even imagine, love. Let this eclipse and the universe guide you to connecting more deeply to your power.  Happy New Moon!

Since the Blood Moon Eclipse on May 26, we have been walking a portal between the old and the new, between one state of consciousness and the next. This portal finally comes to an end on June 10, with the arrival of the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse represents a new beginning. Whatever path has been cleared for us by the Blood Moon, we can now begin to see where we are heading.

No matter where we currently stand, this Solar New Moon Eclipse will ensure that we are headed in the right direction. It signals a time to embrace the new.

Trust in whatever has been moving and shaking for you. Know that whatever needs to fall away will fall, and whatever needs to stay will stay. That is the nature and power of Eclipses.

This June 10 New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in the tropical sign of Gemini at 19 degrees. It is an Annular Eclipse, which means the shadow of the Earth will move into the middle of the Sun, creating a ring of fire. 

Gemini is represented by the twins, with one twin being mortal and the other immortal. These two twins represent the duality we face on Earth. We are humans, limited by our physical bodies and in need of material comforts, but we are also limitless souls, on an endless journey of growth. 

On a human level, we can find ourselves labeling things or events as good or bad, but on a soul level, we understand the bigger picture and know that all experiences serve their purpose.

Recognizing this duality within us can be tricky, but may also help to bring some ease as we navigate any changing or unsettling energies that flow our way.

How can we let go of the labels and stories we are telling ourselves, and look at things through a new lens?

With Neptune involved in this June Eclipse, and Mercury still in retrograde, we may find ourselves coming face to face with some new information or even mental processes that may feel overwhelming or confusing.

Even though this New Moon Eclipse promises new beginnings and is a fertile time to plant seeds, it calls for us to move slowly and to trust in our intuition. If something feels off, listen.

In fact, a good reminder under this Eclipse energy is to not believe everything you think or hear!

We are walking on new ground now, and we need to get our bearings before we can confidently move ahead, so don’t be afraid to pause and wait till you feel clearer.

Our intuition will be our guide, so if things feel mentally foggy or if you feel like you are being manipulated by someone, be sure to drop in and trust the wisdom and inner guidance of your soul. 

Along with Neptune and Mercury both being active at this Eclipse, so too is Saturn. Saturn is also currently in retrograde, and may stir things from our past that need to be looked at once more. This is not about going back to ruminate on the past, rather it is about acknowledging- what have I learned? 

We are moving into new territory under this Eclipse, but the wisdom from our past can be a faithful guide.

While the Eclipse is likely to trigger our past memories differently, it may also help to look back to events that took place during May and November of 2020, or if you can think that far back- December 2011. Does anything stand out from these time periods?

How The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini (June 10, 2021) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign. Ummm…DUCK!!

A more evolved version of you is manifesting as we speak, so keep your eyes on the prize and keep vibing high. June is an exciting month as it is swirling with divine momentum, and propelling us towards a brand new chapter. Can you feel it? An intense series of astrological transits and retrograde effects, it’s safe to say, the contradicting duality of the mischievous twins is ever present during this time. What I mean by that is, retrograde cycles encourage us to slow down—in order to reflect, review, and revisit pending situations and/or unfinished business—but the irony of this is, we’re also in the midst of walking through a powerful eclipse portal, and well… eclipses usher life-altering events. dding to the paradox is Mercury retrograde during a Mercury-ruled season, but I digress. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is currently being activated, and it’s highlighting our collective quest for knowledge along with the ability to connect with our immediate surroundings. Having said that, we can’t embark on a new journey without leaving something behind, so are you ready to turn the page?

Before we discuss the energies stemming from the upcoming new moon solar eclipse in Gemini, it’s important to explore the differences between a solar and lunar eclipse. As you may know, eclipses more often than not come in pairs; this first series of the year kicked off with a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26, followed by the upcoming new moon solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10 at 6:53 a.m. EST. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is directly between the sun and a full moon; this adds incredible emphasis to the full moon’s energy and it can typically bring abrupt endings, especially when it comes to the people, places, and things no longer serving us. (FYI: Lunar eclipse effects can take up to six months—stay tuned.) A solar eclipse, however, takes place when a new moon sits directly between the sun and Earth. An incredibly potent new moon, this stellar phenomenon slingshots us forward into an unexpected new beginning that’ll bring us closer to our soul’s truth. All in all, eclipses target low-frequency vibrations and energetic patterns stifling our highest good; surrender to it.

There’s something brewing and chances are, you can feel it in your bones. Again, don’t be discouraged by your fear of the unknown; embrace the serendipity of change. A new moon (annular) solar eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini, this super potent lunation will conjunct Mercury—the celestial ruler of this solar eclipse—bringing a significant amount of emphasis to mercurial themes, but Mercury is also retrograde. For reference, take a moment to reflect on the essence of Mercury/Gemini, as it is a symbol of communication, technology, thought process, immediate surroundings, siblings, neighbors, and miscellaneous exchanges we deal with on a regular basis.

Something else to remember during this time is, Gemini is a symbol of your inner duality but more importantly, it has everything to do with your communication style. For instance, let’s say Gemini governs your tenth house of career; this  eclipse will not only bless this area of your chart with momentum and kick start energy, it will also present you with the opportunity to speak up, and perhaps look at things from a different perspective. Gemini is known for being fickle when in reality, this mutable air sign is simply capable of looking at things a number of different ways. Don’t limit yourself to one belief system. The answers you seek are slowly-but-surely coming to light, and the information you’re about to obtain could very well surprise you. And despite the slow-moving effects of Mercury retrograde, what you learn now will influence the energy of that which you’ve been quietly contemplating since last month’s lunar eclipse. Moreover, the sun, moon, and Mercury Rx will be at odds with hazy Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, and universal oneness. This, of course, adds another layer of confusion to the mix, so tuning into your intuition is key.

Read your new moon solar eclipse horoscope according to your zodiac sign below:

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, Aries. You’re exhausted and you have every reason to be, but contrary to your beliefs, the answers you seek are right in front of you. The new moon solar eclipse—along with Mercury retrograde and the North Node—will touch down on your busy third house of communication, thought process, and immediate surroundings, presenting you with everything from a bright idea to a completely different perspective. And while some of these eureka moments seem groundless and/or unjustifiable at the moment, your challenge is to trust the process, and surrender the outcome. There will be a lot of movement for you in the near future, so hang tight and keep an open mind. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I have faith in the person I’m becoming because I am unstoppable. 

Your relationship with money is an ongoing theme for your Venus-ruled archetype, and believe it or not, there’s plenty more where that came from, Taurus. A new moon solar eclipse will shake up your second house of comfort, money, and value systems, and square off with boundless Neptune amidst its journey through your freedom-loving eleventh house of associations, friendship, and sense of belonging in the world. This will challenge you to discern between the desire to stay in your comfort zone vs. the longing to explore other horizons. Keep in mind, with Uranus in your sign, let alone at odds with Saturn retrograde in your expansive ninth house of self discovery, something tells me you’re about to boldly go where none have gone before. You’re ready. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am in tune with the universe within and all around me; I am well-guided.

Happiest of birthdays, Gemini. Cheers to another magical journey around the sun. As you may know, this new moon solar eclipse has your name on it, so I hope you’re ready for this new chapter. Although, don’t be discouraged if things still feel hazy, especially when it comes to your professional life. The feeling of uncertainty is truly undeniable, given the eclipse and your planetary ruler, Mercury’s, square to elusive Neptune in your tenth house of prestige, reputation, and legacy. Nevertheless, this is an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Give it six months; you’re cultivating new connections and upgrading your personal brand. Have no fear; your authenticity is calling. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am worthy and abundant; I am a magnet for success.


Let go and let the universe do what it does best, Cancer. There’s no denying the effects of eclipse season but considering your connection to Mother Moon, these celestial occurrences are bound to affect you more than most. Be gentle with yourself. The new moon solar eclipse will not only illuminate your mystical twelfth house of closure, dreams, karma, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes, but also clash with hazy Neptune in the process. So whether it be releasing an actual belief system that’s limiting your potential, or letting go of a situation in your current reality, something’s gotta give. Granted, surrendering something is easier said than done, especially when you don’t know what to expect, but this is your challenge. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am at peace with my past experiences, and look towards the future with hope.

You are limitless, Leo. You can have anything you put your mind to, as long as you follow your heart. A new moon solar eclipse will highlight your experimental eleventh house of associations, friendships, hopes, future visions, and sense of belonging in the world, and it will simultaneously clash with dreamy Neptune via your intimate eighth house of collaborations, sharing, joint ventures, and sexual chemistry. Some of you could be looking to connect with like-minded individuals in your extended network and/or social media, and yet experience feelings of uninhibitedness when it comes to the mere thought of merging, and trusting. Saturn’s second square to Uranus in your career sector adds a layer of rebellion to the mix, but only to liberate you from what’s been keeping you stagnant. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am the creator of my future, and the divine architect of my reality.

You can’t put your finger on it, but you know something’s waiting for you over the horizon, Virgo. Whether it be personally and/or professionally speaking, the new moon solar eclipse will present you with new opportunities, some of which require the support of a significant other. And despite whether you’re single or already attached, the eclipse’s square to Neptune—via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and one-on-one relationships—adds a layer of ambiguity to the mix, giving you no choice but to trust in the infinite possibilities. Falling for that special someone? No stress is necessary, especially when the power of divine timing is at play. For those of you building your empire, don’t worry about the “how,” and write it all down. It’s all unfolding the way it’s supposed to. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am bold, vibrant and worthy; I am planting the seeds of my bright future.

You learn something new everyday, Libra. The second eclipse of the year will illuminate your thrill-seeking ninth house of expansion, faith, knowledge, and wisdom, intuitively guiding you towards the mysteries of the unknown. Whether it be your fascination with astrology, or perhaps your decision to return to school for a second degree, it’s time to indulge in your curiosities. The challenge? The sun, moon, and Mercury retrograde will square off with ambiguous Neptune via your detail-oriented sixth house of due diligence, creating confusion when it comes to your next move, but have no fear. Your higher self is working diligently with the universe, so don’t settle for anything less than your soul’s truth. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I trust in the divinity of my inner compass; I can manifest what I envision.

How deep is your love, Scorpio? The new moon solar eclipse will activate your sultry eighth house of intimacy, mergers, inheritances, shared resources, and soulmate connections, highlighting everything from your sexual unions to your mutual investments, but there’s more. The sun, moon, and Mercury retrograde will be at odds with ambiguous Neptune via your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression. And though everyone knows you’re a ride-or-die, it’s important to use your discernment when it comes to matters of the heart, as well as your talents. It’s time you start investing in your happiness. When you’re loyal to yourself, what could go wrong? New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: My ability to connect with others is part of my superpower, and I choose magic.


Sharing is caring but the boundaries you set along the way are no exception, Sagittarius. Your innate desire for freedom requires balance and compromise, so be sure to keep an open mind. The new moon solar eclipse will ignite your harmony-seeking seventh house of agreements, compromise, negotiations, and significant others, but it will simultaneously clash with boundless Neptune via your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings in the process. Sounds cliche but the essence of Neptune is reminding you to set firm boundaries in your relationships, especially when it comes to your personal needs, so keep this in mind. Moreover, this is an opportunity for you to cultivate new connections, and nurture your allies. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am worthy of appreciation, admiration, and respect; I treat others the way I want to be treated.


Maximize your day, Capricorn. Despite your Saturnian mind and boss babe ways, there’s always room for improvement, and well… you know this more than anyone. The new moon solar eclipse will illuminate your responsible sixth house of wellness, work routine, divine duties, and acts of service, highlighting everything from your productivity levels—and/or lack thereof—to the habits that no longer serve you. The challenge? The eclipse will be at odds with ambiguous Neptune via your third house of communication, thought process, and immediate circles, so it’s important to be mindful of distracting situations and/or sabotaging thought patterns stifling the flow of your day-to-day. Otherwise, this clean slate is a gift from the universe, so use these energies wisely. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am in control of my thoughts and actions; I make decisions that lead to my highest good.

Aquarius, you’ve got a diamond heart. You’re an encyclopedia of talents and witty pick-up lines, and there’s plenty more where that came from. The new moon solar eclipse in Gemini will touch down on your sunny fifth house of happiness, romance, creativity, but it will simultaneously face off hazy Neptune in your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances, and value systems. Bad news first? You could find yourself second-guessing whether or not you’re capable of achieving some type of recognition and/or validation, but that’s a worse case scenario. On a brighter note, this could help you tap into your unique charms and creatrix ways. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am aligned with my divine purpose; when I follow my heart, I am the best version of myself.

You’re going inward, and building a home within yourself. The second eclipse of the year, this super potent new moon will touch down on your domestic fourth house of home, family, innermost feelings, and emotional foundations, but it’s simultaneously squaring off with your hazy planetary ruler, Neptune. The close proximity between this eclipse and your celestial ruler makes this energy that much more personal, so be gentle with yourself. For some of you, this could have something to do with your autonomy/identity and your family dynamic, while others of you learn how to unapologetically express your true feelings. Take your time; it’s all a work in progress. New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation: I am healing myself; my troubles cannot bring me down.