Mercury Retrograde Is Over!

Mercury turns direct (forward) on May 3, after a three-week communication breakdown in stubborn Taurus and aggressive Aries.

Mercury retrograde is over! Expressive Mercury was backspinning through bull-headed Taurus from April 9th to the 20th, before rounding out the final days of its cycle in egocentric, ‘me-first’ Aries. You’ve probably experienced a few meltdown moments with friends, family members, and even colleagues. Especially during the frenetic cycle of Aries season. Thankfully, with slow-and-steady Taurus season now in full swing, and the messenger planet pivoting forward into direct motion, those scrambled signals will start to stabilize. However, discernment is STILL a must for the next three weeks, as the fog clears, with Mercury’s “shadow phase” still in effect. Beware the “retroshade,” as we like to call it, which is the 2 week shadow period that follows a Mercury retrograde when the stars will still mess with your life!

The world has seen more than its fair share of insanely bull-headed behavior during this past Mercury retrograde (those United Airlines passenger removal policies) and warmongering machismo (MOAB droppings and North Korean missile parades). The messages of these moves were pure Mercury mayhem WTF in flavor—and we wish we’d never witnessed them; but, this backspin gave us yet another peek behind the curtain of Humans Behaving Badly. This $#^% is real, and it’s not exactly new. Although, we as a species, CAN do better than that. As Mercury pivots into a positive flow—and continues powering through Aries until May 16—we have a chance to rewrite those unworkable scripts. Transmute that anger into activism—and please, rise up from your armchair, and Twitter feed. Yes, the coast is clearing for the standard Mercury retrograde tasks:

  • shopping for gadgets and a new set of wheels
  • signing contracts
  • getting tattoos
  • deciding whether or not your love interest is undateable…you know.

Since Mercury rules the transfer, and travel of information, hopefully your data has been password-protected, and backed up to the cloud. (Tip: Try to keep it that way.) Utilize the time Mercury turns direct to the end of its shadow, to make those big bold changes. Since the full shadow of Mercury doesn’t clear until May 22, move ahead at a gentle clip and give your good senses a chance to resume.

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