Past Life Regression June 17. Come on down.

Hi all, come on down to Circle of Light today (June 17) for Past Life Regression.  29 W. Main St.  Fredonia, NY.  1-3 pm.  Call (716) 785-9138 for info and to sign up

Past Life Regression: Welcome to an exploration of how past life recall can enhance your life. What time period or era are you drawn to? What music? What clothes? Do you have repeating dreams or visions? If you’ve ever wondered why you have a fear of heights or look into the eyes of a stranger and feel as if you know them, the answers may be found in your past lives. 

Through past-life regression, it’s possible to heal and grow your mind, body and soul, as well as strengthen your present-day relationships. 

Do you have vivid, detailed dreams of yourself in different times and places? That might be a past life memory emerging. Talents and abilities, likes and dislikes, and attractions and aversions can also be clues to past lives. You might feel yourself being drawn to certain people or to certain cultures, even if you’ve never visited them. Past life regression can lead to significant transformations in how you view yourself and the world; and can be highly spiritual work. 

People often come away with a greater realization of the eternal nature of their being, their connection to others. Through past life regression, you can enrich the experience of your current life in a variety of ways. It can help unlock difficult relationship dynamics, resolve physical and emotional issues, access higher spiritual knowledge and guide your life direction.

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