Happy Full Capricorn Moon

The FULL MOON occurs on Sunday, July 9, 2017, at 12:07 AM EDT in the sign of Capricorn.

A Full Moon occurs with the Cancer Sun in opposition to the Moon in Capricorn. The Cancer-Capricorn polarity concerns the balance between the private life, domesticity, the need for a home base, and nurturance (represented by Cancer) versus the public life, career, reputation, and accountability (represented by Capricorn). Attachments and love are ruled by Cancer, while achievements and rewards/punishments are ruled by Capricorn. In some ways, this polarity deals with the balance between unconditional love and conditional love. Cancer encourages us to value our home base and our roots, while Capricorn persuades us to consider our sense of duty and responsibility along public or professional lines. While Cancer may be content to be dependent, Capricorn urges us to be grown-up and responsible. Cancer represents the origin, and Capricorn represents the goal. Neglecting either end might backfire on us. Ideally, a balance should be found between the two energies, and this is what the Full Moon invites us to do. This Full Moon is about balancing our commitment to our career and families. We can’t sit on our feelings. We need to express them.

Capricorn people are ambitious and practical, and are likely to have an excellent sense of social responsibility. They also tend to be conscious of social mores, perhaps to the point of over-concern. Their natural caution allows them to advance slowly and steadily to the top. Capricorn represents the accomplishments of the material and the quest for prestige, honor and success in public achievement. It is also possible that the driving force behind their ambition partially lies in deep-rooted feelings of insecurity.

Capricorns put themselves under enormous pressure to perform, and can feel personally responsible for those around them. They may have suffered from a restrictive early environment, and their aloofness may serve to protect them from dealing with a fear of intimacy, or low self-esteem. Capricorns exemplify the values of hard work and accomplishment, and service to the goals of humanity. Their redemption comes when they allow the spiritual joy that they feel inside to fully express itself in graceful acts of loving-kindness.

The Sun is approaching a conjunction to Mars, the Moon is applying to a conjunction with Pluto, Jupiter forms a square with the Sun and Moon, and Neptune forms a close trine/sextile to this lunation, making this an important although perhaps difficult time of letting something go.

This month will probably be one of hard knocks and deferred gratification then. It will be hard for anyone touched by this Full Moon to be empathetic to anyone who might be lagging behind due to domestic problems. With the intense planetary aspects too, they will have to maintain a ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ approach.

This is quite a useful Full Moon if you don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by it. The purging aspects are strong which means it will be an excellent Full Moon for detoxification. Be wary of those who promise too much, there is no such thing as a free lunch, as the saying goes.

This phase of the Moon occurs at 17 degrees and 9 minutes of Capricorn in opposition to the Sun at 17 degrees and 9 minutes of Cancer, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 13 to 21 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) most significantly.



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