One Day After The Eclipse, Here We Are

The Sun will follow the Moon into Virgo today, joining Mercury in the sign. You may feel some relief. It seems everyone and everything are inflamed about something.
Saturn will turn direct on Friday.  The planet has been at 21 degrees Sagittarius since July 24. He won’t move off that degree until September 27th.

If you have planets in a mutable sign near this degree, there is surely something utterly important for you to learn. Something humbling.  If this has not come to you yet, I’d work hard to see it.

As for the rest of this transit, Saturn will leave Sagittarius for Capricorn on December 21st. These next months will pass quickly. This is your last chance to come up with a realistic plan (Saturn) for your future (Sagittarius). Something you’ll build with Saturn in Capricorn.
I want to make this point:  Faith (Sagittarius) is real (Saturn). So when I mention conjuring up a vision of your future, this does not discount ethereal things.  See if you can’t get a seed in the ground at this time. Some kind of stake that marks the spot where you’ll start construction.

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