HAPPY FULL MOON !  May 29, 2018

We’re now approaching the Full Moon in Sagittarius: May 29 Archetypal Energy: Chiron, the Centaur Lesson: To seek spiritual understanding that heals our perspective

This will bring to fruition whatever seeds of intent were planted May 15 during the new moon in Taurus. Since this was also the date Uranus entered Taurus (starting a 7 year cycle in this sign) expect to see some big shifts this full moon.

So What’s the Theme We’ll Most Likely See This Full Moon? Change is coming ready or not!

With the moon rising to full in Sag, the sign of one who leaves convention to take up the quest for greater meaning, many may take the leap ‘leaving the old paradigm of work’ that being working for money (prostitution) rather than doing what they love (sacred service). 

For others change may be thrust upon them since Uranus can usher in sudden & unexpected change. This may take the form of sudden job loss…so if you do get retrenched, breathe before you humiliate yourself begging for a second chance & consider how the universe is setting you free to consider more fulfilling options!

It’s also important to consider the sun in the opposite sign of Gemini (as each sign on the wheel is part of an axis). Gemini is likely to offer a way to leave the rat race & live a more adventurous life by utilizing the freedom afforded by digital options & offering potential income from more than one source, by utilizing multiple talents. 

We’re likely to feel the effects of this influence the nearer we draw to exact full moon.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Sag propels us to move forwards boldly, to explore beyond our known horizon so we may expand our life experience. This is the sign of the quest…whether that’s to seek the Grail or the Philosopher’s stone!

So you may feel sensitive to anyone you feel is fencing you in or holding you back in any way as this fire sign energy values freedom of choice!

You may also feel as if you have itchy feet with the centaur now influencing your inner self, igniting a desire to travel, change locations or expand your sphere of influence. If you’re not feeling like you have the option to expand your possibilities you may swing into shadow Sag & expand your credit debt or waistband size instead.

One of the main lessons of Sag is ‘the power of word’. So this week is a time to be especially mindful of the ramifications of the words we use & perhaps even more so, the energy behind our words.

It’s  important to listen to the wise words of elders, respect your traditions and learn from history. The polarities in this full moon mean you can expect strong opposition if you enter a contest. Winners have a lot to gain from this full moon but losers will pay a high price. So if you start a fight you should be confident, self-reliant and realistic about your chances of success.


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