Signs that won’t be affected by June’s Full Moon

Signs that won’t be affected by Junes Full Moon

June’s full moon is an extra special moon because it is the first one after the summer solstice. That means we’ll have an extra long day, followed by an extra beautiful sunset to enjoy the sight of the moon with. Coming to a multicolor sky near you on Jun. 28 at 12:53 a.m. EST is the Strawberry Moon — one of the summer’s most epic full moon spectacles. Though the moon itself won’t be pink, the sky might be, thanks to June’s peak sunset performances. The moon will however, be powerful — so you’ll want to know what signs the June 2018 strawberry moon will affect the least to see if you’re in the clear.

Historically, according to The Farmer’s Almanac, the June’s full moon was used as a reminder for the Algonquin tribes to pick the strawberries that they harvested. It was around this time each year that their berries would reach peak ripeness and be ready to gather and enjoy. If they waited any longer, the animals would get to their crops and their strawberries would be picked over. So, they named the June full moon the strawberry moon so that they’d never forget to gather their bounty. Coincidentally, in the days and weeks following the summer solstice, the sunsets are the longest and latest of the year. So while the moon will be colorless, there’s a very good chance that it will share the sky with a wild range of berry colors. Here are the signs that won’t be affected by the strawberry moon’s intense transformative powers:

The strawberry moon is going to give Taurus a moment to chill, instead of a moment to shake things up. “Pursuits of the higher mind come into play now, as you opt to choose meditative methods to deal with the stressful energies of the day to day life.” Namaste, Taurus. Enjoy the mellow moment.

It’s time for Geminis to settle their debt. They won’t be affected by the strawberry moon, but they will feel overwhelmed by their debt if they don’t take care of it. This is a great time to pay off your credit card debt, making you feel free from debt owed. You will feel financially freer and lighter than ever.

Scorpio is will enjoy some hang time with friends under the strawberry moon. This is a great time to connect with others, if you have the patience. It’s a time to end arguments and make amends with others,” so just take it easy, have fun with your friends and leave the intense conversations for another lunar cycle.

Sags might be feeling pretty powerless under the strawberry moon, but if they change their attitude, they can make something of it. Frustration may be high, however, taking back your personal power may lead you to a place of transformation.

The strawberry moon is a great moment for Leos to decide to change up their daily routine. This can be a minor transit resulting simply in changing breakfast choices or travel to work.

Aquarius isn’t going to feel any stress under the strawberry moon, in fact taking a break from mundane activities and relaxing or taking a bubble bath will help you unwind, focus on your needs right now. So fill up the tub and take it easy while you can!Taurus  gemini  Scorpio_Symbolsagittarius leo  aquarius

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