HAPPY FULL MOON ! July 27, 2018 Full Moon In Aquarius AND Full Solar Eclipse!

There is a full moon July 27th, 2018 in the sign of Aquarius. This full moon is the biggest and most important full moon of 2018 because it also takes place on a full solar eclipse, which also happens to be the longest eclipse of the 21st century. Energy is at an all time high by also having both Mars and Mercury in retrograde, and also due to the fact that we are moving into Leo season.

This full moon has a lot of pieces that play into it and affect it to the degree that it does.

First of all, solar eclipses resemble new beginnings. Everything is absolutely about to change, so you allow it to. Full moons also are a time of not only harvesting intentions, but really planting and nourishing the seeds you need in order to have the garden of your dreams.

Second of all, due to Mars being in retrograde and Mars being the source of anger, emotions are already going to be shifted towards focusing on what is bothering us and what is NOT working.

Are your belief systems really working?

Do you have the friends you want?

Are the things you tell yourself of your benefit?

Did you go back to a relationship out of comfort and hope every time when you know you shouldn’t?

Are you ready to just quit that job?

Are you living based on who you think you are or who you actually are?

Think about what is NOT working.

Thirdly Leo is the time of all things emotion, which will deeply enhance this experience. You may find yourself extra sensitive, really in search of closure, and experiencing a lot of epiphanies or urges to really change the life that you live.

You are being called to move through this transition and come out ready to live a life of your own authenticity.

Now is the time to get yourself together.

Now is the time to really focus on your health, the relationships that unconditionally honor you, make choices that reflect the future you truly desire, and really transform + lift yourself.

Now is a time of rising. This is when you elevate yourself to the next level.

This is the time where you put your anxiety to rest in order to fearlessly be exactly who you want to be. This is the time where you close all of the doors that hold you back from your best life. This is the time where you align yourself with a thought process, belief system, and mindset that opens you up to your best self.

It’s okay if things have been rocky, you have been tired, or felt more emotional – changes are coming your way.


Nourish your body AND your mind.

Give off healthy and positive vibrations + thoughts.

Put everything into action.

Cosmically, a lot is going on right now. Nevertheless, you are endlessly supported. You are supported through this emotional breakthrough, through this rocky and unfamiliar transition, and through the discomfort of it all. You are being called to your absolute best life. You are being asked to truly be who you are meant to be.

 FullMoonAquarius    solar eclipse 2018

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