How will October 2018 full moon affect you?


October’s full moon is illuminating your house of “work, money and security.” Which is basically like having a slots machine light up in winning beams of bright colors. A goal you might have written in your journal way back when (in May) could be coming to a “profitable” conclusion around this time.


This full moon is in your sign, Taurus, so tune in to the moonbeams and those emotions of yours! “This lunation can bring a sudden revelation, and these can relate to your personal freedoms or attention to a partnership.” Don’t be surprised if you come across a surprising impulse with this full moon in your sign.


Are you ready for an exhale so cleansing that it will feel as though you have just showered in the waterfalls of Eden? The Oct. 24 full moon offers healing for the Twins. If there’s something to let go of, or someone’s picture to finally move to the delete folder, this will be the time to do so. This full moon could be a powerful portal for a spiritual message—don’t dismiss any strong intuitive flashes or inner guidance!”


It’s easy to get caught up in your own shell, Cancer. It’s comfortable in there. But the Oct. 24 full moon might have you realizing that you need to spend more time outside. “After becoming wrapped up in your personal life, you may realize the need to reach out to others and remind them that they matter to you.” This full moon could be a good time to share with the people you feel the most connected to.


Leo, your calendar might be blowing up with alerts around the full moon. This lunation is all about finding a balance between your besties and water cooler pals. This full moon”may bring the culmination of a significant work project or a scurry of activity on the job or in your public life.” While your professional services may require the heft of your responsibilities, make sure you also send the group chat a GIF that’ll make them laugh.


The full moon whizzes into your ninth house of “global connections,” What does this intriguing house mean for you? “This full moon could bring an utterly magical moment in which one of your gambles pays off or a visionary idea springs to life—and spreads like wildfire. Your hunger for knowledge could be sated by a mind-blowing realization that helps you see a situation from a new perspective.” Something is going to click into place and apparently, it might be an airplane’s seatbelt this time.


Any feelings that have been flying off the radar will most likely make their way into the spotlight on Oct. 24 courtesy of the full moon’s illumination. “There can be a turning point or announcement in a relationship now.” Don’t be afraid to acknowledge all those ~feels~!


You don’t have to wait until the eve of a new year to redefine how you want to approach your life and the important relationships in it. You can make resolutions on say, Oct. 24, when the full moon lights up the night sky. It’ll feel important to re-write the definitions, terms and conditions on particular relationship dynamics. The full moon could help you hash out which relationships are right and which aren’t bringing you much joy these days.


Maybe wear a sleep mask around the full moon so you can actually get some rest in with all that night light pouring into your sleep sanctuary. This full moon won’t be upset you’re shutting it out, anyways. For Sagittarius, the full moon on Oct. 24 is all about wellness. “You might decide to make a radical change to your diet, exercise or work routines.” Whatever the change, make sure it’s not too drastic that you drop it.


Drama !The word may follow you around as the moon reaches its fullest phase. According to Cafe Astrology, “there can be some drama in your romantic life.” if we’ve learned anything from things always getting sorted out.


Reality check, Aquarius. A natural humanitarian, you’re pulled to save the world, at least a little part of it, on the regular. But the world is a very big place and sometimes your personal life requires that same level of enthusiasm and attention. “It’s essential to have a strong sense of what you can and cannot do, not by lowering your standards, but through self-honesty and realism, and the last week of October brings gorgeous energies to help with this.” From worldly to wellness efforts, use this full moon as a chance to breathe and recuperate so you can get back out there with a freshly ironed cape and manicured nails.


This full moon will illuminate your “third house of communication and community.” Those grand plans that you’ve been sitting on for months could suddenly be ready for their debut! expect the unexpected and the chance for all these things to happen at the drop of the hat. Stay alert, Pisces!


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