DECEMBER 2018 FULL MOON: 0° Cancer

This Saturday, December 22, one day after the winter solstice (the first official day of winter), the moon will wax to fullness in the lively sign of Gemini before heading into homebody Cancer for the rest of its full phase. In other words, this weekend will encourage you to turn up then turn way down.

Traditionally known as the Cold Moon or the Long Nights Moon, December’s full moon is spiritually associated with rest, care, and self-evaluation. It’s meant to help you process the past 12 months, while preparing you for the new year to come. Not only is it good timing that this lunar phase arrives toward the end of the month, when 2019 is already on the brain, but its hosting Zodiac signs lend themselves perfectly to its energy, too.

To begin, the Gemini full moon will promote mental clarity and encourage you to speak your mind. So, first thing on Saturday, you may find the energy to wrap up old correspondences before the holidays. And you could feel compelled to reach out to your friends to tell them what they meant to you this year — or to just reminisce about 2018’s wildest moments.

Gemini is also the sign of the Twins, and therefore rules all matters of duality. This sign’s realm of influence lends itself nicely to a lunar phase that’s associated with both looking back and looking forward. Let yourself explore both the past and the days ahead. And, in true Gemini form, be playful with your reflections — celebrate your wins, find future solutions in your losses, and dream big for 2019.

Then, once the moon slides into Cancer (which is set to happen around midday on Saturday), you can focus on the “rest and care” parts of this full moon. This water sign is the sensitive caretaker of the Zodiac — and when it hosts the full moon, it prioritizes this lunar phase’s theme of culmination and conclusion.

Where some signs imbue full moon periods with a celebratory energy, Cancer’s idea of a celebration is cozy self-care, preferably in the privacy of your own home. And really, is there anything you’d rather do on December 22 besides watch your favorite show for the umpteenth time and then go to bed early? If you’ve been looking for a reason to stay in (or just have low-key night in with a few friends) let it be the Cancerian Long Nights Moon. You’ve got all of 2019 to go, go, go.

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