The Sun in Aries, the Full Moon in Libra and the Spring Equinox combined are one of the most important astrological moments of the year. What we’re going to get probably, is the willpower of the Sun going against the feelings of the Moon.” Add in Mercury Retrograde, Chiron in Aries, Uranus in Taurus Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and WOW !!

Aries and Libra are the zodiacs of relationships and marriage. People need to look out for changes and developments in relationships. Is there a need to be more affable, or charming, or cooperative with your partner? Or on the other side of things, is your partner being very impatient, very headstrong, very extrovert, to assertive?”

This is a Super Worm Moon, meaning it signals the spring equinox and, thus, earthworm season. And it’s highlighting relationships and partnerships which could go good or NOT because…tada….Mercury is still retrograde !

Spring Equinox marks the birth of a new year. This year, the Equinox falls very close to the Libra Super Moon. This Libra Full Moon represents a huge point of release, and will be guiding us to really purge and let go of the year passed.

As it falls in the sign of Libra, it is also encouraging us to find balance in our lives, and this theme will continue for the rest of 2019 as well. This energy is going to activate, recharge and tweak our energy.

To tap into this energy, the Libra Moon will be calling us to take inventory of how we are using our energy and to assess whether we are using it in a way that serves us or drains us. (Reminder: Mercury is STILL retrograde in Pisces)

Through this process, we may realize that we need to let things go, and to do away with things take up too much of our energy reserves. We may also find that we need to protect our energy or adjust the flow of where we are directing it.

This Full Moon Is Targeting All of Our Important Relationships

This Wednesday’s full moon will be a doozy — and not just because it’s the third consecutive supermoon to come our way this year. Also known as the Worm Moon, this full moon will reach its peak on the 20th in Libra, a sign deeply preoccupied with relationships of all kinds, throwing any inequalities into stark relief. If you thought January’s full moon was a trip, better brace yourself now.

If you aren’t familiar with the sign of Libra, you need only look at its representative symbol, the scales of justice to understand what it’s all about: give and take, balance, and the importance of respecting both parties in any scenario. People born under this sign are often described as diplomatic or flat-out people-pleasers, for their steadfast commitment to fairness in all things. Partnerships, of the platonic and romantic sort, are very important to Librans.

So, when the full moon shines through this sign, it acts like a spiritual spotlight, highlighting the relationships that we value most in our lives. It may help you to notice that your romance is going well and deepen that bond. On the other hand, this full moon could lead you to realize that you aren’t getting as good as you’re giving with your partner. Things could be going great at that new job or with the promotion you just got. Before you panic too much try to remember that the full moon is never going to put your relationship on blast for no reason at all. Viewed another way, this is an opportunity for you and your partner to understand each other better, even if it means having to adjust the give-and-take of your relationship.

Simply put, this sign and lunar phase combo wants you to find balance in your partnerships — and if anything feels even slightly off-kilter, you won’t be able to shake it off until you address it directly. For example, if your partner at home or a colleague at work isn’t pulling their weight and if you’re always the one who has to cave and make peace, you may be inspired to speak up and change that dynamic for good under this full moon.

The trick, of course, will be to broach the subject like a true Libra and do so gently and, again, diplomatically. The temptation to blow up at your nearest and dearest (or for them to do the same to you) will be strong — and let’s not forget that the current Mercury retrograde will only muddle any attempts at clear communication. Remember to lead with tact, hear the other side out and be prepared to make changes on your end, too, if it benefits the relationship overall.

The best way to get through this period is to remember the golden rule of Mercury retrograde: Take it slow. No matter what sign happens to be hosting Mercury retrograde, these periods want us to hit pause and review our work and feelings before taking further action. So, If tempers start to rise or big topics end up getting broached too soon, step back and ask for a rain check. Mercury will be direct by the 28th, at which point clearer, calmer heads should prevail.

So…the super worm moon is going to stir up some ~deep~ thoughts that can impact how you act over the next month and beyond. You’ll have a craving to get more out of life, which means you might start mulling over changes in your job, your living situation, your hobbies, and pretty much everything you do.

Chiron Meets the Sun During this Equinox

Even though this alignment happens annually, this is the first time that the Sun and Chiron have met in Aries in nearly 50 years.

Chiron is an asteroid known as the wounded healer. However, these wounds are not weaknesses, rather they are powerful openings of light, compassion, and strength. Over the years, Chiron has learned to take the wisdom from his wounds and use them to heal and guide others.

It is likely that the year ahead for all of us will carry a similar theme or message. We are going to be guided to work on turning our wounds into strengths, and to accept them as part of who we are, rather than something that needs to be “fixed.”

Between the Libra Super Moon and Chiron aligning with the Sun, it seems that the year ahead is going to be one for finding our balance, accepting who we are, and acknowledging that we are whole.

We no longer have to feel held back by our wounds or by our circumstances, and instead we can march forward with confidence and courage on our journey.

Our focus this year needs to be about finding balance, and we need to encourage and support all areas of our being.

At certain times, one area of our life may dominate over the others, but as long as we are aware of this and work to bring things into harmony, we can trust that everything is going to be ok.

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