Aries –

Unexpected change and freedom is gonna be in your zone this full moon. Your need for answers might make things slightly sticky—defining the terms of our existence is, after all, part of the human condition—but ultimately, enjoying the moment and being present for the next season of your life will give you more satisfaction than any neat label or definition.

Taurus –

With Uranus and the Moon in polarity, your restlessness may reach an all-time high. Figuring out healthy ways to deal with nervous tension or anxiety is the only way to reach the next phase of your life. It’s so easy to assign goals to mental health—”when I finish this final, I’ll start working out again,” etc. But true growth happens when we focus on our internal lives.

Gemini –

I know you hate being told what to do, but authority is an inflexible part of life. If it’s not your boss, it’s your dad or your roommate or someone who wants you to go home when the bars close and not throw a temper tantrum when you want a street hot dog at 2 A.M. This full moon, recognize that sometimes you have to eat shit and just go with it.

Cancer –

Impulsive reactions don’t always serve your highest good, Cancer. Your compassion and empathy make it hard for you to say what you need when you don’t want to offend others. Take extra care this April to not let small problems escalate by being direct and engaging in supportive self-talk.

Leo –

A newfound (or renewed need) for independence will rear its head this full moon. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or dancing on the razor’s edge of either, listen to that little voice that tells you that you can do it on your own. It’s OK if you do it wrong or scared or a little messy. You are your own person, full stop.

Virgo –

Does it ever feel like you’ll always be hungry for love and affection and your organs are screaming? Cool, me too. That will only increase this full moon. Make sure you’re in balance by reflecting on your current relationships. Are you receiving as much love as you are giving? Do you know your love languages? It’s OK to be hungry. It’s when you’re starving that something has to change.


Libra –

One of the hardest things to do in this life is reconcile ourselves to our actions without excuses or pretense. It’s a psychological phenomenon that people judge themselves by their intentions, but other people by their actions. In reality, this serves neither party and makes for really great reality TV drama. All this to say—Libra, are your actions and intentions fully aligned? This full moon, readjust as needed.

Scorpio –

Self-care is such a nebulous term. Make sure this full moon that you know the difference because self-medicating and self-care. The difference between is but a silken threat. By identifying unhealthy coping mechanisms, you are investing in your future happiness.

Sagittarius –

Remember April 5? Because all that situational life-stuff is hanging around for a reason. This full moon, fine-tune your path and intentions from the last new moon. It’s all connected. History repeats itself until we make a conscious effort to fuck it up.

Capricorn –

Unresolved issues may boil up this full moon. When this happens, you’ve got two choices: Deal with it, or let it go. Sometimes plucking at threads makes a bigger mess, you know? Resolve the challenges as best you can and let go of the rest. But like, ACTUALLY let it go. Let this full moon teach you how to unclench your fists, sweet Capricorn.

Aquarius –

This full moon has your head full of poetry and your heart full of songs. Follow inspiration without the need for a finished project. Not everything has to be finished or for sale—especially not your creativity and unique way of looking at the world. Make something and show no one.

Pisces –

Transformation is never easy. And with all the stress of this full moon, honey-sweet-one, it probably is reaching an all-time AHHHHHH. But hang in there. . But it is worth it. Do what you need to survive, OK?

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