Ready for Drama? Mercury retrograde is coming July 2. But before that, the speediest planet entered Leo on June 26. And…

Mars enters Leo on July 1, an appropriate start to the hottest month of the year (in New York, at least). Named after the God of War, Mars rules attraction, energy, and courage. And Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, is a fire sign that’s known for being charismatic, outgoing, and impatient. Add these two together, and what do you get?

“DRAMA (in all capital letters. During this transit, which lasts until August 18, “Arguments will take on a fiery, passionate, egocentric energy and will go on until there’s a winner. “The flip side is that we also may overshare or rush into our feelings.”

Solar eclipses are very potent new moons in which the moon blocks the sun’s light from shining on the earth. During a regular new moon, also called a dark moon, we cannot see light on earth because the moon is aligned with the sun, blocking the moon from being visible. In an eclipse, it’s the same situation, but longer.

Having a solar eclipse at the same time as a new moon basically just makes everything super-charged, and this one is focused on family, food, comfort, and security. “This new moon is more powerful, making you pay attention to these areas.

This particular new moon and total solar eclipse will be an emotionally intense one that serves as a wonderful release of frustrations within. It falls in Cancer, one of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac. Cardinal signs, such as Cancer, are ‘doers.’ They are the initiators of the zodiac. Cancer, in particular, is a water sign that is ruled by the moon, which means it’s emotional — but likes to keep going and flowing as fast as the moon changes signs (every 2.5 days) and the waves crash. The moon controls the tides, so Cancer really has a hold on our bodily reactions because we are mostly made of water.

The solar eclipse will have an intense hold us — but not like we think. While the moon will serve as a release, a release can be orgasms too! It doesn’t have to mean a total emotional breakdown.”

This particular eclipse is an especially good one for orgasms. “This eclipse will only aspect rebel planet Uranus, which makes it a great time to connect to your inner desires — the ones you felt that you could never openly discuss. “Embracing our freaky and kinky sides will be beneficial and give us the motivation to own our truth and be ourselves without judgment.”

If you’ve been considering making a sexual fantasy a reality, now is the time to do it. Passions will be at a high, as well as the desire to consensually sexually experiment (within one’s comfort zone). Be sure to have a safe word handy if things get too intense!

Mars and Leo are a natural fit. Ruling things like sex, ambition, and drive, Mars is not only very comfortable in the most expressive sign of the zodiac, here it can function at its best. “We can expect to feel a surge of fun-loving energy in the form of courage, confidence, leadership, and passion… lots of passion. Mars in Leo is generous, proud, dramatic, and by far the sexiest combination. No matter what your sign is, this sign-planet blend will have us craving for more attention as we enjoy making huge strides towards our loftiest goals.”

Now is the time to live life to the fullest. “If there was ever a time to be generous and express our feelings, it is now as we actively channel Leo’s big-hearted, fearless, and bold nature. “The one thing to look out for would be to keep our ego in check as the need to be adored and admired can easily creep in on us. Yes, Mars in Leo is what soap operas are made of, when colorful fireworks can turn into big blowouts in just a matter of seconds. In true Leo fashion, the next eight weeks are ideal to take charge and lead with our hearts as long as we don’t let our inner drama queen get out of hand.”

This summer, following your impulses might not be a bad idea. “Word of advice, take a moment to think about how you wish to express your truest desires and heart. “Then, send the email or text. Don’t hold back, just watch the tone because we may accidentally trigger the tempers of others.”

If that risky text is going to your partner, a crush, or an ex, it might be time to break out the handcuffs and flogger. “Sexual desires will be heightened, as well as our need to express our kinks and desires. “Don’t repress your lusty thoughts. Go BIG or go home!”

cancer full moon



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