Welcome Leo Season !

The transit (moving) Sun enters Leo in about 12 hours (10:50PM ET), officially kicking off the season of the Lion. It’s been dicey for Leo energy this month so far thanks to Mercury retrograde starting in Leo, but now that Mercury has moved out into Cancer (sorry Cancers!), we can start thinking about how to make some of this Leo energy work a little better. A little less bad drama, a little more fun drama!

Leo loves fun, creativity, and lightness, and we could sure use a good dose of that. Since Mercury is still retrograde until the 31st, we may be a little slow getting into it though. Try to do things you connect with emotionally to please Cancer, and that also make you laugh, remind you to have a good time, and that you enjoy to please Leo. It’s a great time for creative projects and ventures, and Leo loves a little romance and a little love connecting.

Fiery Mars is already in Leo (started July 1st) and is for most of the time the Sun is in Leo (Mars is in Leo to August 18th; the Sun is in Leo to August 23rd; they won’t conjunct in Leo though). Venus enters Leo in a few days (July 27th) and is with the Sun and Mars for most of the tour as well (until August 21st). This helps bring energy and drive from Mars, and some pleasantness with Venus (we need that!). A new moon occurs in Leo on July 31st that can help us kick start things (though Mercury retrograde ends that day triggering the lunar eclipse, sooo energy may be wonky right around then!).

While in Leo, the Sun makes 3 major aspects: square (3 signs away hard aspect) transit Uranus in Taurus July 29th (around the wonky time so watch impulsiveness, rebellion, and the general ick), trine (4 signs away, easy aspect) transit Jupiter in Sagittarius August 7th (much nicer energy, time to expand, explore, and pursue opportunity), and conjunct (aligned with) transit Venus in Leo August 14th (making us pleasant, diplomatic, charming, and wanting to come together).


If you’re a Leo or Virgo, most likely you’re going to have a stellium in your solar return, which will have an impact.  Everyone else can note the houses in their chart where these stelliums will fall over the next four weeks.  That’s where the action will be. Remember, this is personal. These are the inner planets transiting in a block. This is not that common.

Today the Sun joined Mars in the sign.  Venus will move into Leo on Sunday. This will be the official start of the summer stelliums in Leo and Virgo. (Read Stelliums Post)

Mercury is currently retrograde in Cancer but will join the Sun, Venus, and Mars in Leo as we get into August. That’s a lot of LIGHT.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will trine the planets in Leo. The third fire sign, Aries will benefit greatly from this. This is good to see as Aries is a sign that’s been punished by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s nice to get some Sun after being sunk in a well… right?!




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