New Moon July 31st In Leo. Bye Bye Retrograde :)

On Wednesday, we’ll have a new moon in Leo, and then Mercury retrograde ends. This new moon comes in the sign the Mercury retrograde first started in, so it gives us the chance to look at what went on at the start of the retrograde that we may need to fix or revise or move forward with now. What problems arose? What got stuck? What went the wrong way? You can take the energy of the Leo new moon and work on making things start getting back on track now.

This is interesting energy coupled with the Mercury retrograde ending. We slow down drastically when a planet starts or ends a retrograde period, and so we may feel like we’re in a little bit of a holding pattern for right now. With Mercury in Cancer, this may be to safeguard us emotionally, and our feelings may be a little frayed, a little on the edge, and in need of some support and comfort in order to move forward with the positive new moon energy.

Together, this is a good time to focus on what it is you need for emotional security, and to get in tune with your heart. SO take a look at your natal Moon first and foremost, as your Moon shows what you need for emotional stability and security. What sign and house is your Moon located? How can you work to bring this into your life constantly? (daily preferably to help keep you even emotionally as much as possible)

If you have a really challenged natal Moon (like it’s anaretic or conjunct an outer planet), this is even more important for you. With the Mercury retrograde in Cancer, this can bring out a lot of emotional insecurities, challenges, and issues. So we all need to give our Moon more attention right now.

It’s easy to neglect your emotional needs, especially if you’re used to taking care of others and putting them first, or working too much and putting too much focus externally than internally. This can also make it easy to forget how to enjoy yourself, so the other position you should look at for this time right now is your 5th house. The 5th house shows what you enjoy, your hobbies, not just the people you love but the things you love to do as well. Try to carve out some time for a hobby or to do something that feeds your heart. Do it for yourself, not for others and not out of a sense of responsibility!

What sign is on your 5th house cusp, what planets are in your 5th house, and where is the ruler of your 5th house located? These are generally where you’ll find the most fun. If you have Saturn in the 5th house, an anaretic 5th house cusp or ruler, or intercepted 5th house planets or ruler, this may be more of a challenge for you, and you may be someone who doesn’t allow yourself to have much fun. But Leo is the sign of fun, so the Leo new moon wants exactly that! So the new moon can provide opportunity for you to get in touch with your inner playful side, even just a little. If the 5th house proves to be too difficult for now, then you may want to focus instead on the house location of the Leo new moon.

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