Psychic Chat !

Psychic & Mediumship Development Class: Tuesday October 29 @ Kenmore Presbyterian Church, 2771 Delaware Avenue, ring bell in parking lot door (in the Basement Library) Kenmore, NY 14217. 6-8 pm. Each class is $15. No RSVP required.

Lesson: Psychic Chat ! What questions do you have for a professional Psychic Medium? Come get the answers to all things psychic you might have been wondering about but had no one to ask !  Have you experienced ‘contact’ with those who have passed over? Have you experienced flashes of intuition that have proved to be helpful? Are people always coming to you for advice? Do you have intuitive feelings and premonitions and dreams? It’s because you’re Psychic…and you only need to develop your gift!!!! Let’s learn to access our own natural ability to help others using psychic and mediumship ability. Each week we learn something different and we also practice our readings skills on someone.

Questions-and-Answerspsychic chat

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