Transform Like a Phoenix While Mars is in Scorpio

Fiery Mars has come to the end of its time in Air sign Libra, and moved into Water sign Scorpio. This comes just as Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is came to an end, and Mars will finish 2019 in Scorpio (to January 3, 2020). Mars was last in Scorpio almost 2 years ago (December 2017 – January 2018).

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio may have come with plenty of challenges for all of us, but with Mars in Scorpio you get the chance to make things right and get back on track with anything that got derailed in the last few weeks. If you got pushed back, held down, backtracked, or flat-out failed, this Mars in Scorpio transit gives you the opportunity to rise like a phoenix!

Mars in Astrology
Mars is the planet of energy and drive in astrology. In your natal chart, Mars shows what drives you to take action and how exactly you act. In transit, Mars shows what you’re driven with at the moment, where your energy is focused right now, and what you want to take action with currently.
Mars is a highly enthusiastic and excitable planet, and brings this energy wherever it’s touching. This gets channeled through the sign Mars is touring, and is focused for you personally on the areas of life ruled by the house in your birth chart Mars is).

Scorpio Meaning
Scorpio is the zodiac sign of transformation. The natural ruling planet for Scorpio is Pluto, the transformer. With Scorpio, you have to dig deeper and make profound changes. This is where Scorpio and Pluto are different from Uranus, the planet of change (and Aquarius, the sign Uranus rules). Uranus is more superficial in the changes that it wants made, while Pluto and Scorpio want change that is deep, meaningful, and will last for a long time to come.

Scorpio is a sign that takes things seriously, and has an intense, unrelenting focus. Whatever it wants to do, it does it fully, all the way. There is no halfway point for this sign! That allows Scorpio to make those deep transformations.
This sign also comes back from the dead. Not like a zombie though! Zombies have no focus (well, except to eat brains, I guess). Scorpio comes back from the dead stronger, more powerful, more focused than ever before. This sign is connected to the phoenix rising from the ashes, and there is no defeat for Scorpio!

Mars in Scorpio vs Other Planets in Scorpio
Scorpio actually used to be ruled by Mars, so Mars in Scorpio has an easier time handling the energy versus the other planets. This is an intense sign, and it can get a little tricky to handle with the other planets.

The Sun brings this energy into our personalities, while the Moon in Scorpio brings this into our emotional expression, so we can really feel the Scorpio intensity with these two. Mercury in Scorpio can be a little easier since there’s always an outlet for the mind if you can control your focus (it just wasn’t so easy this go around since Mercury has been retrograde), while Venus in Scorpio funnels lots of passion into relationships (which can get a little frustrating if you’re single or lack solid connections!).

Jupiter and Saturn were in Scorpio in recent years (we won’t have to deal with Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto in Scorpio for a veeeery long time!). Jupiter is helpful but can expand on the intensity, while Saturn makes us learn lessons that force us to transform.

What to Transform by Element
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
This Mars in Scorpio transit can focus on your emotions. You may feel more deeply and intensely, so transformations for you may be more internal. You may want to dig deeper inside of yourself, let go of some baggage, or strengthen your internal core. Strengthening yourself internally can make you feel like a force!

The Mercury retrograde may have created some challenges for you emotionally, and anything where you feel the foundation has been shaky lately, you can focus on transforming now.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
This Mars in Scorpio transit can focus on your mind. You may be more passionate about your ideas and plans, and can become more involved in your ideas for the future. Transformations that help you make progress with your ideas can be beneficial. You may also feel more engaging, so you can work on transformations that help you improve your relationships and the way you connect with others.
The Mercury retrograde may have brought out issues in relationships or in the way you express yourself, so you can transform now and open up to new solutions.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
This Mars in Scorpio transit can focus on your work, whether your actual professional work and the work of daily life. You can make transformations that allow you to get more done, and to be more practical. Taking things slow and steady can help you make more progress, and you can embark on transformations in practical, steady ways.

The Mercury retrograde may have made it difficult for you to make progress and get things done, so transformations now can help get you unstuck and focused on the right path.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
This Mars in Scorpio transit can focus on the ways you want to bring creations out into the world. Transformations can help you to just get started, and can open up optimism and opportunity. You may feel like you’re seeing the world with fresh eyes, and nothing can hold you back.

The Mercury retrograde may have been the thing to hold you back, but Mars in Scorpio gives you the chance to come back from the ashes, just like a quintessential phoenix!

Mars in Scorpio can be an intense, powerful transit, and this energy can be scary at times. But when you use it to your advantage, it can be an amazing force in your life to help you succeed, grow strong, and rise again. The power is in your hands, in your head, in your heart, in your soul – what will you do with it?

mars in scorpio

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