Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn on December 2nd

Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn on December 2nd, and sets off the start of the big Capricorn stellium, joining Saturn and Pluto in this sign for the next year (ish, Saturn will move into Aquarius for a few months next year). It’s likely going to be strongest early, especially in December with Venus in Capricorn already (until the 20th), and the Sun and Mercury entering Capricorn (21st and 28th, respectively), and a solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 25th (that’s triggered by Jupiter!). SO big energy Capricorn energy!

This can make us more ambitious, driven, disciplined, focused, and goal-oriented, so we need to use this to our advantage to go-go-go; it can also make us more restricted, overwhelmed, and pessimistic, so we have to make sure we’re not neglecting personal needs and not taking on too much.

Before going into Capricorn, Mercury leaves Scorpio on December 9th and enters Sagittarius for a few weeks, and helps us focus on the big picture and be more optimistic about what’s possible. Venus enters Aquarius on December 20th, and we can enjoy focusing on the future, pursuing our dreams, spending time with friends, and embracing the unconventional. A full moon occurs on December 12th in Gemini, helping us sort through the ideas and plans we have so we can focus on the ones we can take action with right away.

Jupiter in Capricorn focuses on expanding on the Capricorn energy. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and expands on anything its touching. So, the focus is on Capricorn now. What does Capricorn rule?

Capricorn is the sign of goals and ambitions. This is often the sign of career, but know that goals and ambitions don’t have to automatically be professional, and can be personal. It’s whatever we’re striving for in our lives, whatever we’re trying to succeed in some way with. This may be trying to get a promotion at work and get some career recognition, but it also can be trying to get pregnant, trying to get married, trying to start a charity, etc. Whatever your ultimate goals are!

Jupiter in Capricorn can make us more ambitious, striving to achieve and succeed, to make more progress on our path, and to feel like we’re getting somewhere. Capricorn rules our direction, the path our lives take, and we can focus on trying to get on the right path and stay on the right path. If we’re already on the right path, we can become more committed to it; if we’re not on the right path, we have to make hard choices and get disciplined. We may see a lot of people embark on some new career paths.

Discipline is a Capricorn thing as this sign wants us to achieve as much as possible and set up our lives not just for now and the present, but for the rest of our lives. This sign thinks long-term, so we’re not just focused on instant gratification. Instead, we want to make sure that we’re doing things in a way that will sustain us for years to come.

Capricorn is naturally ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is the teacher. Saturn wants us to learn lessons and do things the right way and for the right reason. When we go with that, we can get rewarded in the biggest ways, so those who have been doing that can see the biggest rewards with Jupiter in Capricorn. When we don’t go with that, we can experience major setbacks, delays, failures, and frustrations, so those who haven’t been doing things right can feel pushed down, held back, and have to look in the mirror and re-evaluate.

Capricorn is a responsible sign, so we can take responsibilities more seriously, and focus more on how to manage them. We may feel like we have a lot more of them, and we may not actually have more of them, but we feel like we do because we’re taking things more seriously.


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