Horoscopes for Jupiter Entering Capricorn

Happy December. Jupiter has now entered Capricorn,  joining Pluto, Saturn, and the south node. You’ll find a ritual for Jupiter entering Capricorn as well as more information about the area of your life Jupiter is impacting in.   Take what works for you, leave the rest. Jupiter in the north node: This increases the importance of Jupiter throughout life.

With North Node conjunct Jupiter good deeds in the past bring opportunities for spiritual/material wealth.

There is a healthy desire to acquire material things and many advantages may result from developing financial self-sufficiency … If you haven’t gotten where you’d like to be in terms of love and relationship, you’re just going to have to try a little harder. Life is full of lessons, and so are your love affairs; but you have to not only take it all in, but put it to use. Trust and faith have likely been an issue for you in your past affairs; maybe you got involved with someone who wasn’t trustworthy, or maybe you refused to have faith in your sweetie or in the relationship, and ended up damaging what could have been a good long-term thing.

Jupiter conjunct South Node

Get Proactive About Love And Life

You have a way of going with the flow of life that isn’t very productive in terms of personal growth. You stick with what’s comfortable, what’s known, instead of facing the scary prospect of the unknown future — even if what’s known and comfortable isn’t that great. What you need to learn about both love and life is that it’s supposed to be about progress. You’re supposed to grow, not continue to repeat the same lessons and patterns over and over again. Making mistakes is fine, as long as you don’t repeat them more than a few times. You have the strength and intelligence needed to start living and loving more proactively; you just need to put them to use.

 Aries & Aries Rising

Choose the accolades you want wisely. 

2019 closes out the year by encouraging you to make definitive moves towards your career dreams. It’s easy to mistake the illusions of other’s lives for an ideal you want to aspire to, however. Spend some time separating the captivating fiction others spin from the reality you want to live in. Strip each opportunity that comes your way down to its core. Get clear on your reasons for taking an offer or leaving it on the table. Get specific about what you want to accomplish over the next 12 months and what kind of effort it requires of you. The skies are encouraging you to strive for the kind of long-term, soulful success that an excess or a lack of popularity could never tarnish or take away.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Pack your bags and bring extra provisions. 

December sees you setting out on a year-long journey of self-inquiry, asking you to up your dedication to the practices that encourage your healing, help you gain perspective, and keep you on track. This kind of journey helps you to appreciate the valleys in your life as much as the peaks. It’s the kind of trip that demands you develop a more mature relationship to your goals. We humans naturally want good things to come quickly and tend to get discouraged when they don’t. You’re being asked to refuse the need for immediate gratification, delay self-pitying tendencies, and instead focus on the successes along your path that may be small, invisible to the world even, but far from insignificant to you.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Abundance comes through those you partner with.  

2019 asked you to grow your understanding of what you need in a partnership and as a result, asked you to learn new ways of sharing yourself and your life. Over the course of the next 12 months, you are being asked to take these lessons a step further and expand your awareness of how you and others can build together – not only emotionally, but also professionally. The gifts that others are about to bring you are bountiful, but they require an exchange. Whatever you have to give, add to it a commitment to your own healing; the only ingredient that ensures that the structures of your inner world are strong enough to hold the immense potential of your partnerships.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Care constructively and commit carefully.

Over the past year, the abundance of work projects and professional opportunities were most likely a total blessing and a point of overwhelm. In the midst of all of it, the need for daily routines that keep you clear-headed and feeling physically cared for has been obvious. You’ve been asked to hold more than ever before, and in doing so have come to understand just how capable you are. Take a moment to appreciate your efforts, the strides you’ve made this past year will serve you for many more to come. Your next growth spurt comes via professional and personal partnerships. Learning how to care constructively and commit thoughtfully is a fine art, one that you are being asked to master next.

Leo & Leo Rising

It’s time to get down to business. 

Knowing how to best work with your talent is one all its own. Over the past year, you’ve been asked to grow your appreciation for your creative self-expression. This affection will keep unfolding but there is a marked shift in your development come December. Over the course of the next 12 months you’re being asked to commit to the most important aspects of your work-life, your professional projects, and the practices that keep your physical, emotional, and mental well-being intact. Choose what to work on thoughtfully, the commitments that you make will require your every effort and you don’t want to spend that kind of energy on just anything.

Libra & Libra Rising

Fertilize your root systems. 

The past year has encouraged you to grow through your ability to communicate, express, and share your ideas with your world. The sheer volume of sentiments exchanged, lessons learned, and invitations in your inbox were most likely at an all-time high. Come December, and over the course of the next 12 months, your growth edges want to dig into your foundations and family life. You need a place to call home, both internally and externally. Building yourself a solid base will take your commitment, your patience, and your craftsmanship. Built brick by brick, one floorboard at a time, 2020 sets its sights on getting you to make the ground floor of your life as sturdy as possible

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Tell them the truth.

2019 was a year that promoted the development of your relationship to your finances and professional opportunities. It was a time that taught you much about the value of your talents and how to put them to work in the world. 2020 is a year that is dedicated to making sure that your messages reach a much wider audience. Be explicit about what you hold dear. The truth isn’t always easy to get to, uphold, or center – but that’s the point. Doing what you know is right often means doing what will take a little more effort, cost you a little more energy, but bring you the rewards of some serious, and eternal self-respect.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Get serious about your coin. 

2019 was a year of remarkable personal growth, expansion, and possible overwhelm. Big mountains and deep valleys require stamina to move through and yours has been tested and fortified in extreme ways. 2020 comes bearing new growth edges for you to push past. Your assets, resources, and talents demand your attention, dedication, and strategic planning. You’re being asked to take what you’ve got in this moment and position it in such a way that you can make the most of it for many years to come. The more you take ownership of your talents and their capacities the more they will teach you how to harness their inherent abundance. Whatever you create, make sure it has the capacity to be long-lasting and sustainable.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Opportunity is about to meet up with your preparation. 

Few years in your life will be as defining as 2019 has been, and 2020 will be. Astrologically speaking, you are being asked to own what you have studied, toiled over, worked towards, and made attempts to master. The more seriously you take your creative energy and your talents, the more seriously they’ll reveal to you what they can do. This next year brings tremendous opportunities for your personal growth with no shortage of ways for you to make an impact on the world. The set-up requires that you become incredibly specific about what you dedicate yourself to, as you’ll feel called to pursue things that demand your all. Make sure they are worth the work you are bound to put in.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Don’t sweat the small-minded ones.

Over the course of 2019, you have been asked to grow your professional profile. Making the most of these opportunities demanded that you first acknowledge the obstacles that have been in your way. Growth requires clarity, both in what we are moving towards and what we are working on letting go of. The next chapter of your unfolding asks you to commit to the networks and social gatherings that will add more meaning, depth, and richness to your life. If the people you gather with don’t captivate you, move on. 2020 is about aligning with those that know the power of their dreams and are able to work what they need to in order to bring them to fruition.

jupitercapricornnorth and south node

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