How Jupiter in Capricorn 2019-2020 Impacts You

The planet of expansion moved into a new sign, leaving its home sign of Sagittarius on December 2nd 2019 (1:19PM ET) and entering sober Capricorn, to stay until December 19th 2020 (8:07AM ET). We start a new Jupiter journey in a new Jupiter sign.

Jupiter in Capricorn focuses on expanding on the Capricorn energy. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and expands on anything it’s touching. So, the focus is on Capricorn now. What does Capricorn rule?

Capricorn is the sign of goals and ambitions. This is often the sign of career, but know that goals and ambitions don’t have to automatically be professional, and can be personal. It’s whatever we’re striving for in our lives, whatever we’re trying to succeed in some way with. This may be trying to get a promotion at work and get some career recognition, but it also can be trying to get pregnant, trying to get married, trying to start a charity, etc. Whatever your ultimate goals are!

Jupiter in Capricorn can make us more ambitious, striving to achieve and succeed, to make more progress on our path, and to feel like we’re getting somewhere. Capricorn rules our direction, the path our lives take, and we can focus on trying to get on the right path and stay on the right path. If we’re already on the right path, we can become more committed to it; if we’re not on the right path, we have to make hard choices and get disciplined. We may see a lot of people embark on some new career paths.

Discipline is a Capricorn thing as this sign wants us to achieve as much as possible and set up our lives not just for now and the present, but for the rest of our lives. This sign thinks long-term, so we’re not just focused on instant gratification. Instead, we want to make sure that we’re doing things in a way that will sustain us for years to come.

Capricorn is naturally ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is the teacher. Saturn wants us to learn lessons and do things the right way and for the right reason. When we go with that, we can get rewarded in the biggest ways, so those who have been doing that can see the biggest rewards with Jupiter in Capricorn. When we don’t go with that, we can experience major setbacks, delays, failures, and frustrations, so those who haven’t been doing things right can feel pushed down, held back, and have to look in the mirror and re-evaluate.

Capricorn is a responsible sign, so we can take responsibilities more seriously, and focus more on how to manage them. We may feel like we have a lot more of them, and we may not actually have more of them, but we feel like we do because we’re taking things more seriously.

On a personal level, you can experience any or all of this over the next year in the areas of life ruled by the house(s) transit Jupiter will move through in your natal chart while in Capricorn.
You can get your chart to find Jupiter here:

How Jupiter in Capricorn Differs From Jupiter in Sagittarius
Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, so the planet is very at home in Sagittarius. Jupiter in Capricorn is a lot more buttoned-up! Sagittarius is free, wanting to wander, to explore, to have new experiences, and to open up to opportunities. Capricorn is practical, focused, committed, and takes a steady approach. Sagittarius thinks big and bright while Capricorn thinks realistically.

These things aren’t really opposed to one another though! Sagittarius is the sign before Capricorn, which means that Sagittarius energy is what leads to Capricorn energy and makes Capricorn energy possible in the first place. We go from the big ideas of Sagittarius to creating realistic plans to achieve them with Capricorn; we go from opening up to opportunities in Sagittarius to making progress and achieving success in Capricorn; we go from wandering and exploring in Sagittarius to growing wiser from our experiences in Capricorn.

The Capricorn Stellium of 2019-2020
Jupiter in Capricorn isn’t a typical transit. Not even close! Why? Because Jupiter won’t be the only planet in Capricorn. Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto already in this sign!

This is a big deal! It creates what is called a stellium in astrology, which is when 3+ planets are together in one sign. In your natal chart, a stellium is a source of tremendous power and ability (once you learn how to use it). When there is a stellium in transit of the slower-moving planets (as Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are), this is a huge deal for the entire world, every one of us. It means there is a highly concentrated energy out there, and we’re suuuuper focused on something. Like, the whole world may literally be crazy focused on some very specific events, causes, subjects. (Impeachment, Catholic Church).

In mundane astrology, Capricorn rules our governments and politics. It has not escaped me in the slightest that we in the U.S. are going to have a pretty pivotal election in 2020 while this stellium is happening! All of that rhetoric about it being one of the most important elections in our history? Not a joke! (especially since the U.S. also has Pluto in Capricorn in the national chart, and is going to experience its first Pluto Return as a country in 2021) Brace for impact, folks .

I doubt this will just be a U.S. thing though (albeit I do understand the rest of the world is quite concerned about our politics!). The last time we had a Capricorn stellium was late 1980’s-start 1990’s with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, and during that time, we saw the fall of the Soviet Union. That makes sense considering Uranus the rebel and change-maker and Neptune the dissolver were involved; this time, we’ve got expansive Jupiter and transformer Pluto in the mix. So it seems to spell major transformations, potentially of entire countries/governments.

Capricorn is also ruler of institutions, so we may see some big institutions get even bigger, and others completely collapse. Some important people may get more respect and success, while others may suffer huge falls and blows.

Capricorn, being ruled by Saturn, is also a restrictive sign, confining and limiting, so we may in general feel like some things become more confined, more restricted in some way. We may feel overwhelmed by some of the big things we’re dealing with as companies, societies, and countries (heck, even as a species fighting for survival!). Responsibilities just weigh on us more. Heavy is the head that wears the crown . . .

Special Periods During Jupiter in Capricorn
When Jupiter enters Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto will already be in Capricorn, as will Venus (until December 20th), so we’ll have 4 planets in this sign. Hopefully Venus makes the transition a little smoother! The Sun enters Capricorn the day after Venus leaves on December 21st, so we’ll be right back to 4 planets in Capricorn, and we’ll have a solar eclipse in Capricorn December 25th that is conjunct Jupiter (and Jupiter triggers right around the eclipse on December 20th). So we’re REALLY feeling the energy pretty much at the start! But it should be in a more positive way where we’re working on managing it and sticking to those plans!

Mercury enters Capricorn December 28th, and we’ll have 5 planets in Capricorn for almost 3 weeks! (the Mercury leaves Capricorn January 16th 2020 and the Sun leaves Capricorn January 20th 2020) Kicking up the Capricorn energy even more, we’ll be super focused on plans and realistic ideas with Mercury, and take on responsibilities and act like adults with the Sun. Saturn and Pluto will conjunct on January 12th at 22 degrees Capricorn, to add some icing to the cake. Supreme responsibilities, supreme goals, supreme transformations – we can handle it, we just have to keep with it!

Mars is in Capricorn February 16th 2020, and the planet of energy and drive brings more focus to the Capricorn energy. More goals, more plans, more progress, more limitations! But Saturn starts moving toward Aquarius, leaving Capricorn March 21st and not coming back until July 1st (until December 17th). So there is a slight break of over 3 months where it’s only Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn gives us a break. But just as Saturn comes back in July, we’ll have a lunar eclipse in Capricorn July 5th; thankfully it’s not conjunct Jupiter, Saturn, or Pluto, but Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer, so emotional energy is sure to be high, and we can feel pretty off. Not a huge fan of July!

Jupiter turns retrograde May 14th at 27 degrees 14 minutes Capricorn. It’s in orb conjunct transit Pluto and trine the Sun. But Venus turns retrograde the day before on May 13th! At 21 degrees Gemini, so not aspecting Jupiter, but with Saturn turning retrograde May 11th to boot, we’re likely going to feel like things are swirling quite a bit mid-May 2020.

Jupiter retrograde ends September 12th at 17 degrees 24 minutes Capricorn. It’s in orb sextile transit Neptune and trine the Sun again, but on September 9th, Mars turns retrograde. Aye! So we may feel like we’re moving forward again in some ways, but may be frustrated by the lack of progress or the way things have been going and have to keep in control of energy.

Jupiter leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius December 19th 2020, two days after Saturn does! In fact, Jupiter and Saturn won’t conjunct in Capricorn. They’ll conjunct in Aquarius right after on December 21st at 0 degrees, perhaps signaling a fresh new focus for the future after we’ve survived the Capricorn stellium. Crossing fingers!

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