Full Moon effects on mood according to the Zodiac Sign

Full moon in Aries endows people with impatience, self-confidence, a penchant for maximalism.

This phase in Taurus gives people a calm, even slightly delayed mood.

Full moon effects on mood in Gemini is characterized by changeability, doubts, thirst for novelty.

If the full moon in Cancer, it sharpens intuition and empathy, makes us more sensitive and inspired.

Full moon in Leo awakens egocentrism, a desire to be in the center of attention, whims, and drama.

In Virgo it makes a person pedantic, squeamish, suspicious, timid and constrained.

Full moon effects on mood in Libra is characterized by increased diplomacy, gentleness, tolerance.

Full moon in Scorpio increases nervous irritability, craving for destruction, the level of aggression.

In Sagittarius it makes people sociable and active extroverts.
Full moon effects on mood in Capricorn is very paradoxical: we become more vulnerable inside, but outwardly we look soulless and cold.

In Aquarius it gives people a desire for independence and freedom, a kind of eccentricity.

And finally, full moon effects on mood in Pisces is such that we become more sentimental and more easily fall into dependence.

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