You’re encouraged to take it easy and put more time into things that you’re really invested in, which includes yourself. Though you may still find yourself working hard this month, goals are accomplished with patience, extra rest, and self-care. Tune in to your intuition, but don’t feel pressured to make big decisions. Romance gets interesting.

This moon offers you an emotional catharsis if you’re open and ready for it. Understand that the past is giving way to things that are more in alignment with you and the person that you’re becoming. So while it’s OK to mourn the losses that may come up, try not to spend too much time trying to hold on what’s being removed from your life. Better things are on the way.

While you’re usually a friend to many, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all are a friend to you. Keep this in mind as you’re called to be more intentional with your circle of friends and the folks you lend your time and resources to. But save a little something for yourself. This goes for your words and opinions too. With finances, be mindful of sudden expenses. Career-wise, you need a reset.

When it comes to your money and career you’re reminded to go where you’re valued, or to at least be more assertive when it comes to your worth and your desires for your professional life. Be wary of the naysayers and boundary pushers in your life, as they’ll only be unnecessary distractions for you. Seek out ways to revive your hope and inspiration.

You could make some progress when it comes to your health and wellbeing, especially if you’ve been finding it hard to stay on track in terms of improving your fitness or nutrition. Meanwhile, you could receive some praise or attention for a project that you’ve worked hard on. Watch your money and finances though as errors or flat out fraud could be afoot.

This moon might call for an emotional purge or release as you’re pushed to let go of the reigns and focus more on the things you do have power over versus the things (and the people) you don’t. You don’t always have to make things your business or problem to solve. With relationships, being clear and communicative can stave off trouble. You are lovable as you are.

Partnerships are one of the focal points for you, but with the way the cosmos is set up, you’re going to have less and less tolerance for unsatisfying and thankless connections regardless of how much you want to be liked or wanted. That said, spend time on guarding your health and taking care of back-end things you’ve been putting off.

You love a challenge and often thrive in a crisis, but what if you worked to make things easier on yourself? That’s what this moon is asking you to do. Seek out ways that you can reconnect with joy, romance, and your passions instead. Though when it comes to an ex-lover, you might want to reconsider if a re-connection is worth it. Your career gets a boost.

You might not be feeling as social as you’d like, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However you choose to spend your time, you’ll need to make sure it’s on people and things that are truly worth it. Money may be coming in this month, but you’ll need to be careful of burning through it. In love, there’s no need to settle. Healing could be had with a family matter.

You’re reminded to avoid going through the motions with something (or someone) just because it feels safe to do so. You’ve got a lot of power backing you this, so find the courage to invest it into things that really rev your engine, even if it may seem impractical at first glance. Still, things could get confusing so pace yourself and take nothing personal.

You might go back into hermit mode, which could give you the rest and relaxation you need. Just be mindful of spreading yourself too thin trying to be everything to everyone. Treat your time, energy, and money this month the same way — play close attention to each and spend them on things that can offer you some return on the investment. Believe in your worth.

In order to succeed, you’ll need to work on reprogramming yourself when it comes to how you think and speak about yourself. Where are you limiting or underselling yourself? It’s time to write a new narrative. Seek out the people that inspire you, but prepare to do things your own way.

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