New Moon In Aries, March 24

Weekday: Tuesday – Mars Day,. Element: Fire, Moon’s Ruler: Mars. This New Moon feels promising. Sun and Moon join together at 4º12′ of the first sign in the astrological cycle: Aries (NEW BEGINNINGS)! This zodiac sign carries with it a force powerful enough to announce spring, and an energy that annually breaks through the barrier of winter to begin again, starting afresh with endless enthusiasm.

This is a lot of energy to move through in just a few short days, so we may be feeling a range of emotions that are hard to pin down.

At the time of this New Moon, the asteroid Chiron, known as the wounded healer, will also be very active. We will be drawn to think about ways to heal, ourselves, each other, and the planet. (Quarantine…..self care….taking care of others…..ya know)? LIKE: We may find ourselves having to care for a loved one or we may find that we have to nurture and look after our own mind, body, and soul. Yeah………


Whatever we have been neglecting or ignoring when it comes to our wellbeing, Chiron will guide us there and ask us to sit with it until we can feel whole again.

The ruler of the Aries Moon is Mars (now at 25º31′ Capricorn), and while there’s no tension between the signs and their governing planet, there is a T-Square in the skies formed with the Nodal Axis, and the New Moon. (T-Square: 3 Planets Square To Each Other. A T-Square occurs when three planets lock into tense, 90-degree angles (squares) with each other. This because a three-way battle of wills, with one planet wedged in the center of the other two, attempting frantically to negotiate a peace treaty.

When a T-Square intensifies the skies, we are forced to make a decision, get off the fence and stop procrastinating. Unpleasant scenarios we’ve been avoiding may demand our attention, like chickens coming home to roost. T-Square energy can be forceful and unstoppable—a bit ruthless.

In a T-Square, all the planets involved share the same “quality”—either a cardinal, mutable or fixed sign. Since there are four zodiac signs in each of these qualities, one way to resolve the T-square is to look to the missing fourth zodiac sign for balance.

This speaks to leaving the past behind, (South Node in Capricorn – the old ways of yesteryear,) and birthing something totally different (the clash against the Cancer North Node)…Uranus (4º45′ Taurus) and Mercury (6º27′ Pisces) both align with Nodes, with the New Moon exactly at their Midpoint. Venus (20º12′ Taurus) and Neptune (18º59 Pisces) reflect the same pattern, and both align with (the stellium) in Capricorn: Jupiter (plus Pluto and Mars).

The Aries New Moon is at the heart of this ‘buffer’ of water and earth, softening its drive; Venus adds beauty and grace, while Uranus says “change is possible”; Mercury and Neptune allow for hope and selfless thinking. Although there are no planets in Fire, and only one in Air (Saturn), the sense of direction and momentum is poised!

Spring Equinox is March 20th, 2020, the Friday before this New Moon in Aries, suggesting change, change, change !! AND: Most importantly, Saturn has just moved into Aquarius, now at the critical 00º09′ point.

Although Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn, this is his first taste of Aquarius territory for some time, and his presence is emphasized on this New Moon – here we have the New Moon sextile this strong point of entry.

This New Moon is about acknowledging the act of breaking away from Capricorn and realizing the potential that lies with Aquarius. I can’t emphasize this enough as the world is being given the chance to step back and reevaluate and heal Mother Earth.

So many of us have had to change our ways these last few weeks and perhaps adopt a new routine or schedule. As we move through this transition, it is really important that we find ways to make our new routine productive and healthy.

!!!! WOW !!!!

Chiron’s presence will guide us to take care of ourselves, to set routines that inspire, and to think about how we can use any weaknesses or setbacks in our lives in order to find new strengths.

Chiron is the wounded healer, but it has the gift of being able to take its wounds and make them powerful portals of healing. How can we embrace the same?

Under all of this fiery Aries energy, we may feel wound up or extra emotional if we don’t give ourselves a healthy outlet to express it.

Be mindful of allowing your emotions to boil over and try to act from a place of calm and ease. Take your time, think things through, and don’t be impulsive.

Interestingly, this New Moon falls at 4 degrees of Aries, which has been a trend. Back in February, the New Moon was at 4 degrees Pisces, in January the New Moon was at 4 degrees of Aquarius, in December, the New Moon Eclipse was at 4 degrees of Capricorn. In 2020, we are also in a number 4 year according to numerology.

In a number 4 year, we are called to return to the self and to find ways to create safety, comfort, and purpose from within. 4 represents feeling at home within ourselves, and it definitely seems this is a trend for the universe right now.

In astrology, 4 degrees of Aries is actually a very spiritually sensitive degree of the zodiac. It indicates advanced psychic energies and the ability to ascend to higher realms while remaining grounded.

!!!! WOW !!!!

At this time we can all deepen our connection with Spirit and use it as a tool to connect with who we are and what we can do to feel more at home within ourselves.

The Aries New Moon is always a wonderful time to set intentions for the year ahead but rather than telling Spirit and the Universe what you want, why not instead, open your heart to receive what Spirit and the Universe want from you?

How can you become a vessel for Spirit? How can you allow Spirit to take the lead in your life and show you the way forward?

Sometimes one of the most powerful intentions we can set is to surrender to the Universe, or whatever we want to call it, and just allow it to show us the way to the perfect new beginnings for our soul.

I REPEAT: !!!! WOW !!!!

aries moon





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