Personal note

Hi guys.  I am taking social distancing very seriously right now as I am in the risk class (63 years old, diabetes and COPD) and because of that I suspended classes at Kenmore Presbyterian before the actual shut down of the world !  I am a Psychic Medium and NO, I didn’t see this coming, this is my usual behavior when there is too much sickness around.

People have been asking me to teach Psychic and Mediumship Development classes online for the last 3 years and YEP, it’s time.  So I am teaching in Microsoft Teams.  If you would like to be included in the online class, my email is  We meet every Tuesday  nite at 7 pm (sorry for the late notice).  Each class is $15 each and payable through my Etsy store. (  I am also doing online and phone psychic and mediumship readings and can be contacted through there also to set it up.

As a Psychic Medium I get asked this question all the time.  It’s always been an individual answer as I tune in astrologically as well as psychically.  However, I was really grateful to find a blanket answer that fits absolutely everyone !

So be safe, take this time to learn new things (Mercury and Mars in Aquarius) and remember, this too will pass.  When it does though, the world as we know it will be different and hopefully kinder and easier to navigate.



What is my purpose in life? I asked the void. What if I told you

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