The New Moon in Taurus arrives on April 22. This New Moon urges us to slow down, pay attention to our bodies, enjoy simple pleasures and rethink the ways in which we are using our resources. It calls on us to get creative with our material lives and innovative in the ways in which we think about abundance and mutual prosperity. Conjunct (hanging out with) the game-changer of the cosmos Uranus, and square the planet of form and structure, Saturn, this New Moon helps us to deepen our understanding of which structures can support the changes we are personally and collectively facing, and which are so outdated they have to be completely rethought. Taurus is a slow and steady sign, and the restructuring we are considering making at this moment needs to be integrated a little at a time, in ways that feel sustainable and supportive long-term. 

The Taurus new moon on April 22, 2020, brings sudden and unexpected change BECAUSE it is joined by Uranus (sudden and unexpected changes). New moon April 2020 is also in a challenging square aspect to Saturn (karma, hard work, restrictions) so the changes could be difficult to deal with and may cause suffering and sorrow. The April 22 new moon at in Taurus is conjunct Uranus which indicates unexpected change. On its own, the changes could be good or bad. But this new moon is also square Saturn, and hard Saturn aspects are the most challenging of influences in astrology

The April 2020 new moon may be in the Sign of Taurus but in the sky, it is in the Horns of the Ram in the Constellation of Aries. This has an aggressive and impulsive influence so it is important to be responsible, patient, cautious and sensible. The best way to avoid tragedy from the Corona virus pandemic is to protect yourself and your loved ones and avoid taking risks.

So new moon April 2020 is just the latest in a series of very difficult moon phases. Reinforcing the challenging nature of this new moon, it is joined by fixed stars that have a Mars-Saturn nature. This planetary combination indicates frustration, anger, violence, cruelty, crime, loss, and disgrace. SIDE NOTE: THERE HAS BEEN AN INCREASE OF DOMETIC VIOLENCE BEING REPORTED IN THE NEWS.

New Moon conjunct Uranus brings excitement, unexpected change, and rebellion (protest in Buffalo NY yesterday right)? If your strong urge to break free from routine and restriction cannot be met, restlessness, impatience and nervous tension are likely.

Acting impulsively and taking risks would result in unexpected and unpleasant changes that cause upsetting disruptions to your life. Aggressive reactions, accidents, and chaos are just a few examples.

But doing nothing with this electric and spontaneous energy could also result in the same unwanted consequences. So be flexible and open-minded to adapt to changing conditions. Seek safer options for change and excitement on the internet or through new technology, science and occult subjects like astrology. And like…my Psychic Development class??? (sorry, just could NOT resist)…

New Moon Square Saturn suggests the changes caused by Uranus are not going to be positive ones. Saturn imposes restrictions and delays that make it harder to seek the Uranus freedom and excitement you desire.

You may feel restricted or weighed down by new limitations, routines and responsibilities. Isolation, loneliness, pessimism and even depression are possible. You may face criticism and trouble from superiors, problems with authorities in general, loss, and disappointment.

Making progress and reaching your goals becomes increasingly difficult. But try for a strong work ethic, patience and determination to meet your responsibilities. Try not to procrastinate or become distracted. If you ignore your responsibilities during this moon phase they come back to bite you later.

Saturn square Uranus brings sudden changes you don’t want. It also makes it harder to make changes you do want. This can be a very frustrating time of rising tension and sudden, expected changes.

Because of the corona virus pandemic, this new moon could bring changes in your career, loss of employment, self-isolation, illness, hospitalization, loss, and grief.

This is not the time to resist change, nor is it the time to overreact. A well-considered, methodical, patient and step by step approach is best. Use your higher self-awareness from Uranus to change bad habits and improve your personal hygiene. Take responsibility for vulnerable family members, friends, and neighbors.

Modern Love & Money – Update

Taurus is a VENUS-ruled sign. And Venus rules LOVE ! Not just the romantic kind but the kind that encourages you to help each other now.

Saturn in Aquarius will square the new moon. Don’t let this scare you!  Saturn is at home in Aquarius. If anything, it will check the craziness. I do expect a lot of action in the stock market but ultimately, it will wind up putting things (values) where they go.

To better understand, imagine a well-furnished home. This is a time when you might move the heavy furniture around in order to modernize the place. It’s work (Saturn) but it’s hardly dangerous!

This is a good time to update your portfolio. You may also want to revamp your relationships or change how you value certain people or things. Again, this is not dangerous!

You can also clean out your closet or your garage or wherever it is you store stuff you should have let go of decades ago. Taurus collects! If you’re buried in stuff, consider clearing things out. This will liberate you!

This would also be a good time to learn to stand firm and have integrity. A bull is a bull and gorgeous as-is.

This new moon is like a giant software UPDATE of your life and values. Values as in what you hold dear. Who do you love? HOW do you love? What do you love, right now, in the modern day?


Addendum: A lot of people are going through financial hardship right now. Remember the Law of Abundance? Don’t forget to do your checks !

Abundance checks are a tool we can use to create more abundance in our lives.
They are written within 24 hours after a New Moon.

Surprisingly, you really don’t even need to believe that the check will work when you write it. You will however be amazed at the results, as you will see increased abundance in your life, in some life area. It is not always financial, but certainly in an area that you need.

Abundance is so much more than ‘money’. Perhaps a friend invites you to lunch and pays. Perhaps you are at lunch with a friend and they offer their expert advice on some area of your life. These are simple examples of Abundance. Abundance comes in many forms. Be GRATEFUL for all that comes into your life.

There is a traditional manner, which has been handed down. If you do not have a checking account you can draw a check on a piece of paper and fill it out the same way – the results will be the same, more abundance for you.

New Moon Abundance check writing is a ritual for manifesting, using the energy of the New Moon each month along with Astrology and the house the new moon touches on for you!  This ritual has been handed down through so many people that
its origin has become unknown.

law of abundance checkcapricorn




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