May 7th brings the third and last Super Full Moon of the year in the sign of Scorpio. This Full Moon guides us to honor the BEAUTY OF ENDINGS. It is highly cleansing and detoxifying, and will be preparing us for the Eclipse season that follows.

Happening on the same day as Mercury sextiles Neptune, the Full Moon will help us lean a little more fully into our creative visions and idealism about the future, but be careful with it. Venus in Gemini is currently in a month-long square to Neptune as it stations retrograde, making hype, hope, boundarylessness, and fantasy run wild.

We need to be relentlessly kind to the parts of ourselves that fear being abandoned, betrayed, or forgotten when we are isolated, unsure, and unable to find a new normal. Scorpio pulls back the layers of an issue, sometimes exposing bones that are best left covered with flesh, skin, and clothing. Interpersonal dramas tend to get exaggerated when they can’t be worked out in real life. When the physiological benefits of being together aren’t accessible, it’s easier to spin a tale about how your family, friends, coworkers, or lovers are fed up with you (why isn’t that one friend responding on the group text?); making horrible decisions for themselves (why weren’t they wearing a mask in that photo?); or maybe have been abducted by aliens (why has the speed at which they usually answer my texts changed so drastically?).

This Full Moon comes at a moment in the year when most of us have spent enough time alone to know our own secrets, flaws, and imperfections a little, or a lot, better. Maybe too well. Maybe we feel like we have had enough digging in the dirt of our own psyches. Maybe we don’t need a Full Moon in Scorpio to unearth anymore, deepen anything, or reveal another extreme emotional state.

No cover-ups can withstand these waters. No need to be nice. Here there is no striving for perfect; only honesty is necessary. Scorpio hungers for real exchanges. Every yearning, every emotion, every story of how you sacrificed yourself and came to regret it, struggled with it, and reclaimed yourself from it – or not – satiates this sign.

The May 2020 Full Moon falls at 17 degrees of Scorpio signifying a time to honor the beauty of endings. At the end, things make sense. At the end, we are able to look back and see things with a new perspective. At the end, we are able to see how all the puzzle pieces we have been working with fit into place. At the end, we feel a sense of calm for it is all over, it is all done.

Endings can carry a pain and a sadness. It can be sad to see something go from our lives, but if we open to it, we can carry the awareness that with this ending also comes a new beginning. Just like autumn is a time of retreat and death for mother nature, it is also the start of a new beginning. As the trees shed their leaves, they fertilize the soil, giving new life and allowing new growth in the months to come. Endings are somewhat of an illusion, and it seems that’s what this Full Moon is guiding us to unlock. See if you can find the beauty in any endings that have come your way. See if you can locate the comfort and the peace that comes when you know that there is nothing more to do be done.

Take a deep breath, heave a sigh of relief. It’s over now. Whatever you have been battling. Whatever you have been struggling with, it is done, it is done, it is done.

Reach that place of surrender and find the relaxation in knowing it is over now. Cry if you need to, laugh if you need to; light a candle to honor the deaths you have moved through, and keep in your heart the promise of a new beginning. As the third and last Super Moon of the year, we are going to feel our emotions and thoughts being drawn up and out of us.We may feel extra sensitive and a little moody, and just like the scorpion, we may be tempted to use our stingers if people get too close!

The Scorpio Full Moon is very cleansing and can assist in drawing things out that are no longer serving, that are holding us down, or making us feel stuck.

If we give in to our feelings, if we allow ourselves time to process how we feel, when they come to pass, we can experience a release, like a weight has been lifted. The Scorpio Full Moon is always a special one as it signifies that transformation is always possible.

Just like the scorpion sheds its skin, we too can start again. We too, can transform ourselves simply by making different choices and thinking different thoughts. No matter our own zodiac sign, we can all use some of this Scorpio wisdom to bring transformation and to make changes in our lives if that is what is needed.

We have spent so much time these last few months washing our hands and looking after our physical health, let us also turn our attention to our energetic health by cleansing our aura and the energy of our space.

So, on the night of the last Super Moon of the year, allow yourself to find the beauty in whatever endings have your come your way. Make peace through grieving, through allowing, and by honoring the new beginning that has now been paved.

full moonScorpio_Symbol

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