Psychic and Mediumship Online Class

Psychic and Mediumship Online Class, May 12- 7p until ???    $15   (We usually run late). Private Message me for the link to the online class. Payable on Etsy using the link below.

Tonights class will be dream interpretation with clairvoyance and clairsentience. We’ve been talking about for the last two weeks so now let’s use it. Most dreams use clairvoyance and clairsentience anyway. We’re not talking about the dreams you had after downing a bowl of spicey chili before going to sleep. We’re talking about spirit communication where you have a visit from someone in spirit who you know or may not know. And also premonition dreams (those are always fun) Dreams can also be an important clue to a past life. So if you’ve had a dream you couldn’t understand or if you’d like to get better at interpreting dreams for others (which is always a nice skill for a psychic and medium), then BRING IT ON ! ! (sorry, I just like saying that). This class will also address some symbols that may nor may not be obvious to you. LIKE: you dream that you see a message on a billboard. Believe it or not, some people really could miss that !

So friend me on facebook for the after class and daily chats.  Make sure you spell my name right…Theressa Johnson.  Friend both pages please.

Etsy link to pay for class here:


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