Full Moon June 5

June 5, There’s a Full Moon in Sagittitarius, There’s an Eclipse, Plus Venus and Mercury Retrograde. Oh My (or oh crap). As we transition from the rebirth of spring to summer’s abundance of go-with-the-flow vibes, June packs one deadly astrological punch. In fact, it might be one of the most transformative months out of the entire year! Things get serious real quick with a blood moon (or lunar eclipse) in expansive and adventurous Sagittarius on June 5. In astrology, an eclipse signifies a major turning point in your life, which means there may be a very unexpected change headed your way this month. However, when one thing comes to an end, another thing begins, and with a solar eclipse in family-oriented and homebody Cancer on June 21, you’re closing one door and opening another.

Here’s how your Zodiac sign will be affected.


Mercury retrograde might throw a wrench in any summer vacay plans you have at the moment, so prepare for a bit of turbulence. When this retrograde begins on June 18, it will travel through your fourth house of home and family, where you might find that your sacred space doesn’t feel as sacred as it should be.


When the sun enters Cancer on June 20, it will send shockwaves of energy into your restless third house of communication. Your third house is also being activated by Mercury retrograde and a soul-stirring solar eclipse, so expect that tongue of yours to loosen up.


Brace yourself for shifts in your relationship sector when a blood moon reddens the night sky on June 5. This could indicate a relationship coming to an end when you least expect it, sending you into a tizzy! However, it could also mean that you’re taking things to the next level with someone you’ve got major heart-eyes for.


With Venus retrograde muddying the waters of your spiritual 12th house until June 25, there’s a lot of soul-searching ahead of you, but you’ll be so glad you did it. Think of this month as a major spiritual download. Trust that you will eventually process everything


Energetic Mars shifting into your 9th house of adventure by June 27 will set you up for a summer filled with beautiful memories in the making. Where will you go? Who will you meet?


You’ve got big plans for your future, Virgo. However, for the month of June, you might be putting those plans on pause! It’s not that you want to be lazy, it’s just that Venus is retrograding through your 10th house of career until June 25 and it’s making you question exactly what impression you’d like to make on the world.


When a bright and exciting solar eclipse launches you into the next phase of your career on June 21, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may present itself to you. However, with Mercury retrograding through your 10th house of career as of June 18, take some time before you make up your mind.


Don’t be surprised if you’re starting off June feeling quite emotionally heavy, Scorpio. After all, you are one of the deepest feelers in the zodiac! With Venus—planet of love and romance—retrograding through your intense eighth house of passion until June 25, you’re exploring ways to find a happy medium between your independence and your desire for intimacy.


Whenever something comes to an end, something else is always beginning. This is made true when a solar eclipse on June 21 lays down the groundwork for a brand new start in your eighth house of intimacy and investment. It may be time to commit or go home, Sagittarius!


When a solar eclipse takes place on June 21, it could indicate a major shift in your love life and social life. Whether you’re ending a relationship or feeling butterflies in your stomach because you’re starting a new one, this experience will be majorly significant.


When a solar eclipse dawns on your sixth house of work, health, and routine, it may be time to take your wellbeing more seriously than you ever have. Mercury retrograde will also be moving through your sixth house, revealing all the ways in which you haven’t been taking care of yourself as much as you should be.


Venus, planet of love and luxury, is retrograding through your fourth house of home and family until June 25, bringing up all the deep-seated issues that nobody likes to talk about. Don’t stress, though

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