How Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Affect You

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn occurs on July 4th, at 9:44 PM PT, an appropriate birthday gift for this nation. Revealing the shadows and the injustices that happen there, eclipse season always unearths.

As those of us that have benefited from the unjust set up of the United States attempt to grapple with its origins and the outcomes, with our complicity and our responsibility, a pandemic rages on.

As this eclipse season comes to a close (it officially began back on June 5th with a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius), the past month feels like a timewarp. We’ve cut back the fat and the flesh of hundreds of years of this nation’s foundation. With its bones exposed, it is clear that what is owed couldn’t actually be repaid, but every attempt must be made to honor this debt. It’s past time.

This is the last eclipse in Capricorn for many years to come. It wraps up a cycle of them that have been occurring for the last year and a half. Capricorn teaches us how to honor time and wisdom. It refuses to worship the glitter dust that a youth-obsessed culture tries to cover everything in. Capricorn knows that in times of great crisis, it is the work of generations past that we build upon and bring into the future. It is the structures that have been laid out by those that had this and future generations in mind that will be the bridge that we need to move us through the chaos and into the creation of the next phase of life on the planet.

Capricorn and its ruling planet, Saturn, govern time, bones, structures, and the steep decline that comes with age. This coupling constricts, brings downturns, and is more than willing to deny pleasure but in exchange, it’s more than willing to provide wisdom. Saturn is currently in Capricorn, together with this lunar eclipse, Jupiter, and Pluto. This heavy emphasis in Capricorn can feel withholding, brutal even. Tradition becomes torturous if it doesn’t give way to what is needed as we evolve.

The wear and tear of the world is more than likely taking its toll on us. This is a moment to refuse anything but the truth, part of which is remembering that to run a marathon we must take incredibly good and kind care of ourselves. There are future generations depending on it.
Your lunar eclipse horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest.

Aries & Aries Rising
With Taskmistress Saturn and the lunar eclipse both in Capricorn, your career, your work in the world, and your public roles are all major points of focus. Your achievements are plentiful, but what’s more important to pay attention to is the personal and collective work they help you to take part in. Developing a professional culture of gratitude runs counter to white-supremacy and its posse. To share instead of hoard deconstructs the pyramid scheme of the patriarchy. To rise up as a collective force is what scares the 1% more than anything.These dreams are completely possible but not easy to manifest. They take rigorous self-examination, a willingness to give up power that wasn’t yours to begin with, and a reckoning with the fear, greed, and shame that prevents you from making real and long-lasting changes.

Scarcity isn’t a natural state of being. It is counter to the cosmos. There is never too little when we think collectively. Lack is a system that we have been indoctrinated into. The last 6 months of 2020 ask you to unearth all the ways in which you have fallen for the ideology that espouses that your success should come at the cost of anyone else’s or that anyone else’s comes at the cost of your own. As you sit down at your desk each morning, before you jump on the Zoom call or check your calendar, pause for a moment to imagine what it would take to turn your industry into a dream job for anyone entering it and for everyone already in it. Work from there.

Taurus & Taurus Rising
Lack is a lie. Abundance is present when living in accordance with the world around us. Any ideologies that claim otherwise are fictitious. Your philosophies, big plans, and long-term goals get emphasized with July’s lunar eclipse in Capricorn, but you’ll need to counter the narratives that suggest it’s not possible to win in ways that are generative for all. Getting to the top of a mountain on your own is far from likely. You might need solitude along the journey but someone somewhere along the path packed your lunch, gave you a hug, or made sure you knew you were capable of such a task.Don’t forget it.  If you get caught up chasing a goal that doesn’t leave room for every other good thing in your life to be along for the ride and rise, question it. As Saturn spends the last 6 months of 2020 in Capricorn, it reminds you that the end and the means must be equally justifiable. There are no shortcuts here, just the long, winding road of doing right by yourself and everyone else.
Gemini & Gemini Rising

The process of building a deeper relationship to your joy, despite all the aspects of the world that will try to interfere with it, is exceptionally important work. Let nothing and no one get in the way.

As Venus begins once more to pick up speed, after a long and slow 6 weeks retrograding through your sign, you are in a very good position to implement strategies and practices that will bring about a greater sense of connection in your life and in your world.

It is a sense of belonging that builds movements. It is love that inspires communities to continually rise up against injustice. It is a feeling of connection that most of us are after. Your ability to foster that kind of generosity for yourself and your people, inspires everyone around you to do the same. As the many outcomes of July’s eclipse unfold, you are more prone to witnessing the many gifts that your collaborations bring, but if joy isn’t one of them, you might consider just how central scarcity has become within them. If you are building with others, and pleasure is nowhere to be found, what exactly are you building?

Cancer & Cancer Rising
There is no shortage of affirming affection to go around. There is no lack of connection to be had. Whatever lessons you soaked up about how love is scarce need to be lovingly dismantled.July’s eclipse pulls focus on your one-to-one themes about intimacy and connection. It wants you to feel out the ruptures, deeply contemplate the divides, and be fascinated by the boundaries necessary for giving and receiving affection. Since Saturn spends the last 6 months of 2020 in Capricorn, asking you to do the same, the emphasis here is clear: know what you tend to withhold from yourself and how that kind of cruel refusal impacts your ability to experience intimacy.

Having boundaries is having them for the sake of other people’s well-being as well as your own. Knowing how and why you tend to cause harm is as important as learning about how harm is and has been done to you. There is no human alive that hasn’t, at some point, done damage. When you realize that human is you, repair what you can immediately, forgive yourself for not doing better as a way of ensuring that you will, and come to terms with the fact that as the world reckons with itself, so will you.

Leo & Leo Rising
 July’s eclipse in Capricorn (the last of its kind for a long while) asks you to look back on all of the grueling, repetitive, seemingly unforgiving mountains of work you’ve plowed through over the past 2 years. What you’ve accomplished was hard-won and (hopefully) worth it. Every ‘t’ that you crossed and every ‘i’ you dotted made a difference. Even if no one else in your world said so at the time, you know so. Self-respect is an inside job.The ways in which you have shown up for the most unglamorous of your duties says everything about how you’ve matured and made the decision to take the reigns. Power struggles that you found your way through have taught you much about what it means to be fair to yourself no matter the fight. With Saturn in Capricorn for the last 6 months of 2020, you are putting the finishing touches on the projects that demand the most from you. However, these are the projects that over time also bring you the most in terms of returns. Patience is a virtue to cultivate here. It is also the antidote to putting the cart before the horse and the gift before the gratitude for it.
Virgo & Virgo Rising
The work will never be done. The emails never cleared for more than a moment. The dishes will find a way of piling themselves back up before you know it. Moments of pleasure can only be accessed through the present and through your presence. Protect the entryways. Place guardians at your gate. Give yourself permission to dwell for as long as you need to in the spas that replenish you.With Saturn back in Capricorn for the last 6 months of 2020, it seems only fitting that you become an expert of your own ecstasy. In order to do so, time needs to be set aside for pleasure and the kind of creative projects that are soulfully satisfying.

As the last eclipse in Capricorn unfolds, it unearths your internal creative process. The shadow self can rob us of much energy and enthusiasm, but it is also home to many portals of genius. Don’t throw your discomfort out with the bathwater before you investigate its origins. What we find repellent about ourselves is what we need to know more deeply. It’s counterintuitive to the ego but it’s where the greatest transformations occur. Satisfaction is hard to come by if we are too afraid to deconstruct our shame.

Libra & Libra Rising
The world will always rush you. It will always proclaim your lateness. It’s always eager to get you whipped up into a frenzy thinking through the lens of scarcity.July’s eclipse reminds you to drop your anchor down. Below the beliefs of have and have not is the truth; you never need to prove you are enough. You may have been fed another paradigm or you may have grown up in circumstances that were antithetical to this, but your value is inherent.

Case closed. July’s eclipse is sure to unearth some of the shame and shadow that gets in the way of your ability to flourish – but being confronted with ghosts from your past is a gift. A key to a vault of psychological gold. We all know that there is no building in the present moment without being clear about our past.

With Saturn’s last pass through Capricorn lasting until the end of 2020, you are meant to spend the next 6 months putting the floorboards of your life in place. Prioritize forgiveness for your mistakes and healing for the moments in which you were forsaken.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
Trust the timing. Tune out the doubt. Take yourself on a trip down memory lane of all the things you are retrospectively glad didn’t happen in the way you wanted them to. As eclipse season has its way with your daily life and plans, some events will be delayed, others obscured, while a surprise or two is in the works. Don’t waste your time pushing an agenda because it’s what you think should happen. Know you are protected when something is put off.With Saturn spending the last 6 months of 2020 in Capricorn, it asks you to put the finishing touches on your calendars, schedules, and daily setups. Notice what about them is generous, kind, and considerate of your needs. Notice what you tend to withhold from yourself, even in the slightest but most repetitive of ways. What you do with the smallest compartments of time makes a massive difference when looking at what you want to accomplish over longer stretches of it. Commit to keeping up with the rituals that help you digest, cleanse, and decompress. Any emotion clutter that builds up can get the best of you. Whatever smoothes out your system, holds you through the intensity of tough conversations, and keeps you accountable while compassionate is key.
Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
July’s eclipse reminds you that the fiscal beliefs we collectively operate under are like fast fashion: they are new and not permanent. Have faith that what has been built from greed, delusion, and fear will falter and fail. In the meantime, ponder the kinds of ecosystems that you can invest in as a safety net for your psychological, emotional, material, and spiritual well-being.As Saturn spends the last 6 months of 2020 in Capricorn, it unearths the ways in which the scarcity mindset that the modern world perpetuates and thrives on has impacted you personally. Pay special attention to the places in your life where self-denial takes center stage. Notice what you give others effortlessly and question why you don’t do the same for yourself. The beliefs about scarcity and abundance that you unearth over these next days and weeks help you hone in on what inner bounty actually looks like in your life.

True wealth only exists when it creates communal prosperity. Keep finding all the ways in which you can make this ideal a reality in your world. The more you consistently give yourself, the less reserved you’ll be about receiving what you need when it’s offered.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
Over the past couple of years, what you’ve been able to eliminate from your life is as powerful as what you’ve added to it. What you said no to was hopefully a statement of affirmation to yourself.Major advancements are a compilation of many small decisions over a long period of time.

With July’s eclipse in Capricorn and Saturn spending the last 6 months of 2020 here, the finishing touches that you are putting on your recent self-improvements are mighty and magnificent. In order to fulfill such a task, you’ll need to get incredibly honest about the parts of your life you’ve been too afraid to tackle. The patterns that you no longer want to repeat will now be pronounced. It will take a practice of consistent and considerable mindfulness to do so, but you are built for that kind of intensity and this is the moment to apply such talents.

Go forward with relentless compassion for yourself; with eclipse season coming to a close your growth edges are most likely lit up.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

You’ve been busy building a fortress, making room in the areas of your psyche that were formerly cramped with the worries of generations past. The formidable effort you’ve made has not been in vain. Make sure to steal away moments to enjoy the space you have created for yourself.

Take note of what corners you still need to liberate from the grip of family dynamics that aren’t worth repeating. Both July’s eclipse and Saturn’s return to Capricorn emphasize all that you have had to come to terms with and continue to. Over the next 6 months, you get to understand just how timely this work has been. Not a minute too soon and not a second too late, you are in the perfect place at the perfect moment for this stage of your growth.

Trusting yourself is the finishing touch to focus on. Come the end of 2020 you are set to soar, but you’ll need to be able to count on your instincts in order to enjoy and make the most of the rebirth.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

July’s eclipse sheds light on your hopes, dreams, and future plans. The friendships that help make them happen are a key component to the last half of 2020. As you return to the blueprints for collective pursuits you had put on pause, you’re encouraged to investigate when and where you delegate, negate, share, or hoard power.

Pretending that you aren’t a crucial tile in the mosaic of the moment is a devastating blow to the collective. Denying your responsibilities is as detrimental to collective world-building as being an authoritarian is. Show up as is and you’ll learn to grow from there.

The shadows that tend to dwell in the collectives that you are drawn to are important to make conscious. Each group will naturally contain some elements that are opposite to their exterior presentation. No formation of people is without an issue. Getting clear on what you might add to the mix of toxicity helps you learn more about effective ways of holding space. Each one of us contains poisons and purification systems. We are all capable of causing harm and holding space for healing. Give yourself the permission to be human and refuse to believe that anyone else is above being such a glorious mess.


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