How The Full Moon In Aquarius On August 3 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

There’s a full moon coming, and it is filled with surprises! The upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius happening on August 3, 2020, will highlight our desires for freedom, revolution and change. This full moon will also encourage us to better balance our hearts with our minds, and to ultimately release anything that no longer serves us.

If you don’t know, full moon energy is all about illumination, with each full moon helping us unravel or understand some part of ourselves with more clarity than ever before. Sometimes this means secrets come out, other times it means the end of a relationship, and occasionally it even means an external or internal change within ourselves. Either way, one thing is for sure—full moons are monthly opportunities for change that give us magical clues as to the type of energy we put out into the world.

This full moon in particular will have Uranus giving it dirty looks from the sign of Taurus. This square to both the Sun and the Moon can make for some jarring energy coming your way. Uranus is known for surprises, so all you can do is expect the unexpected and allow it to transform you. This is why it’s important for you to trust in the universe’s invention to bring you all that you desire. Whatever comes your way, sit with it and trust that it is exactly what you need to get that much closer to all of your dreams.

Do you want to know how this Full Moon in Aquarius will affect your sign in particular? I thought so. Read below for YOUR SUN AND/OR RISING SIGN to get the scoop on how you’ll be feeling come August 3.


Your friends and social circle will be highlighted this full moon, Aries. You might want to get out there and celebrate, but will quickly find that a financial situation throws a wrench at your plans. The key to getting through it is not allowing whatever comes your way ruin your mood. Be grateful that you have the support of your tribe to help you pull through.


Your career and social standing is highlighted this full moon, Taurus. You might feel pulled in two directions and have a bit of an internal crisis as to how to show up for both your job and your family. Just remember, you’ve got this. You can only do your best, and anyone who does not understand that isn’t giving you the acceptance you deserve.


This full moon might be highlighting your travel plans, educational pursuits, legal matters or an entrepreneurial project you’ve been hard at work on. Something from your personal life might pop up to throw off your grind this full moon, and the secret to overcoming this will lie in your ability to communicate effectively. Also, beware of false or misinformation. Research thoroughly whatever you hear, and don’t fuel the fire of rumors.


This full moon is highlighting money (especially money that you owe or is owed to you), intimacy and joint agreements. A friend or someone from your social circle might need your financial support unexpectedly, or else, they might be imposing their opinions in a way you don’t appreciate. Remember to keep grounded, Cancer. Smudge your place and give yourself space to come to your own conclusions, trusting your intuition fully.


Long term relationships and business partnerships are highlighted during this full moon, Leo. If you feel at odds with your other half, remember it’s important to set boundaries and respect one another. You might also find that a work obligation comes up that pulls you away from your loved one. The key is balance, so be transparent about whatever obstacles you’re facing and be sure to make up for any missed time with your sweetie later.


Work, coworkers, daily responsibilities, pets and health are all focuses for you this full moon, Virgo. You might find that something comes out of left field that makes it hard for you to stop overthinking. This may involve a legal matter, an unexpected trip or an issue with someone from a different culture. Don’t forget to focus, dear Virgo. Meditate on the issue and you will be gifted the calm you need to maneuver like a boss.


Romance, children, creativity and fun will be on your mind, Libra. You’re currently in a light-hearted mood—watch out, though, as an unexpected financial obstacle might appear and throw you off. The way through this is to focus on only spending from your own independent accounts and resources. Now is the time to focus on you; worry about others later.


This full moon will have you focused on your home and family, Scorpio. You might feel a little out of balance juggling your home life with your career, especially if a business partner or your long-term relationship throws something out of the blue your way. Remember, dear Scorpio, that the goal of this full moon is balance. Use your intuition to guide you towards the right choices.


As you find yourself focused on siblings, communication, and transportation, something might come up that makes it hard for you to relax. It could be something regarding work, your health or just a chore you forgot to do. Don’t let it stress you out, Sagittarius. Just take care of it using those communication skills you’ve been working so hard to build.


Money is a high priority for you this full moon, Capricorn. You might finally hear back about a raise, promotion or elevation in your career. At the same time, you might have a distraction come from your kids or a romantic relationship that could somber your celebration. Try to manage this with as much patience as you can muster and when you’ve muddled through whatever situation the universe throws your way, remember to give yourself a pat on the back.


This full moon will finally bring something that you’ve been yearning for, Aquarius. As you celebrate, something at home might give you pause, and you may feel a little unsettled or surprised. Take some time to yourself and trust that universe has your back. Whatever happens now is just making room for more stability in the future. Sometimes, things have to be shaken up a bit to settle back down.


Solitude is your peace right now, Pisces. You might find yourself wanting so badly to rest and recuperate, despite something pressuring you to be more involved. If you’re not in the mood, do your best to handle it like the boss you are, then go right back to your comfy place. Know your limits, Pisces!


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