On September 2nd, 2020 we have a Full Moon in Pisces. (Full Corn Moon)

In the early hours of September 2, the full moon will arrive in the intuitive and imaginative water sign Pisces, setting the month off on a dreamy note. (It will reach its peak illumination at 1:23 EST.) Where last month’s full moon urged us to break free of external structures placed upon us, this month’s will ask us to look more closely at our own inner workings,  As a result, we can expect to feel more creative and in tune with our feelings, but absentmindedness and sensitivity will loom, as well.

Tensions will ease as we head towards the full moon in Pisces which is divine love and connection. That’s the high side. The low side is delusion, illusion, and undoing. In the middle we have vulnerability. Watch your spiritual and mundane hygiene.

Tuesday, the Moon moves to Pisces and toward opposition to the Sun in Virgo and sextile to Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus. We can really feel it approaching now, and for many this is when the AHA bit kicks in. Or we can lean into the delusion. Relax if you can. That will help. Keep an open mind, but not so open your brain falls out.

Overnight into Wednesday, the Pisces Moon opposes the Sun exactly (the full moon) and both close aspects to Uranus soon after. Wake up! What do you feel? The Moon moves through the fog of Neptune; this time we’re going with our eyes wide open (but only if we choose).

People born under this sign feel a lot — for themselves, loved ones, even total strangers. With such an empathetic sign hosting the already emotion-heightening full moon this month, it’s safe to assume that we’ll all be quite affected. Where we might normally withdraw from others, we’ll be more likely to show our hand and express ourselves.

While this newfound willingness to wear our hearts on our sleeves will almost certainly affect our personal lives (intimate secrets and untold desires could be shared), it could also have an effect elsewhere. The creative process might come more easily as we allow greater freedom of expression — and it may even be easier to resolve issues in the workplace if we’re all a little more open to hearing each other’s thoughts.

But, even with emotions, too much of a good thing can rapidly turn things rotten — and this is the downside of a Pisces full moon. While it’s totally possible to ride the currents of our feelings, it’s easy to get pulled beneath the waves and wind up stuck in a mood that’s too mucky and murky to shake. Not only will you wind up feeling foul, but you may also lose track of work, plans, or other tasks for the night. Perspective is key: If you catch yourself starting to ruminate on something, remember Pisces’ capacity for empathy and direct your energy toward caring for others, in addition to yourself.

The Full Corn Moon is a natural checkpoint for your year’s progress.

2020 has undoubtedly been marked by uncertainty, instability, and stagnancy. If you’re stunned to find that it’s already September, you’re not alone — so much of this year has felt frozen in time, trapped in a holding pattern until some unknown force gives out and allows us to move forward. All the while, however, time has been slipping by. And, if you take a moment to examine the events of the past months a little more closely, you’ll likely find that you weren’t stuck in a rut the whole time.

In the same way that autumn corn grows to unparalleled heights, so, too, does the work you put in all year long amount to stunning, rewarding results. So, in honor of this full moon, named for the crop that demands plenty of time and effort in order to thrive, check in with yourself and consider where you’ve directed your efforts this year. Whether you’ve been grinding at your job, nurturing and developing your relationship, or just managing to keep your houseplants alive, you haven’t spent this year sitting idly by. The least you deserve is a pat on the back, if not a night to celebrate all you’ve done so far.

Traditionally known as the Full Corn Moon, this moon phase will be powerful, it will be challenging, and, ultimately, it will remind us of the passage of time in a year that may have led us to forget. (ummm….yuck)? Or not……?

This is one of the positive Full Moons of the year because it is sextile (A sextile is a friendly and flirty aspect between signs that are 60 degrees apart. Usually they occur between fire and air signs, and earth and water signs. With a sextile, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the situations at hand are happy ones.) to Uranus in Taurus. This is a highly feminine, receptive, and manifesting Full Moon – an opportunity to turn your brilliance into something real that can benefit the world in a tangible way.

You will be especially influenced by this Full Moon if you have planets or angles around 10° in Pisces, Virgo or Taurus.

When Virgo and Pisces work well in tandem, we have facts and compassion grasping hands to heal, love, and nurture – in all ways possible. Science and the woo work together and can co-exist. In fact, they must in order to work at peak capacity.

The quincunxes, (aspect formed between planets that are roughly 150 degrees apart. … When we express one of the planets or points involved in an opposition, the other planet or point feels “left out”.) Sun-Chiron and Mercury-Mars point (indirectly) to an inauthentic self, its understanding and expression missing the point, missing the target. What stands between the us and understanding, acknowledging, and balancing these is denial or inability to SEE it. Neptune.

You can’t drive from the back seat. Have you ever had that dream? It’s a nudge to return to your true self. If this “problem” resonates for you consciously, you’ll likely experience it as issues with availability, vulnerability, and getting your needs met. If it doesn’t resonate, you’re balancing well or you’re so deep in it you can’t see it.

If your relationships with yourself and others are strong, this full moon can be the divine spark to send you into bliss. If you’re like the rest of us and struggling, this can be the divine assistance needed to clear up the fog around your path. Want to feel better? Get out of the fog and look within for your own part in the problem.

Looking back on the path you’ve taken to get to where you are will have a grounding effect, allowing you to circumvent some of the flakiness that Pisces could inspire. In short, this is a full moon that will empower you to delve deeply, but if you don’t know the way, you’re likely to get lost.

For some it’s gentle, for others a storm.

Want to know how it will affect your sign? Read my previous post.

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