GET READY ! Because October begins with the sun in Libra, radiating romance, beauty and charisma all throughout the cosmos. Libra may be known as a light-hearted and carefree zodiac sign, but October 2020 proves we’ve all got another think coming. Not only is Mars retrograde still churning out frustrating surprises this month, but the cosmos are starting October off strong with a full moon in competitive Aries blasting through the universe on October 1. This only intensifies the already volatile and unpredictable energy, proving this October is not to be trifled with!

There’s no harm in being a little selfish when the full moon in Aries sends you so much power on October 1. You’re coming to terms with who you are, tapping into what motivates you and embracing the purest form of your identity.

Being empathetic and understanding will serve you well, especially when Mercury retrogrades in your seventh house of partnerships on October 13. This may create a disconnect between you and someone you care about, highlighting problems that need to be addressed. 

When a full moon activates your 11th house of community on October 1, you’ll feel like sharing your inner beauty with everyone you care about. By loving yourself, you’re learning how to love others on a more authentic, genuine level too.

This month, you’re proving what a successful business mogul you can be, Cancer. When a full moon brings power to your 10th house of career on October 1, it sends you a revelation about your chosen path, pushing you to fight even harder to achieve your dreams. 

The sun is in your third house of communication until October 22, sending power to your voice and tapping into your desire for stimulating conversation. Not only do you want to speak your mind, but you want to learn from others in the process.

When a full moon activates your intimate eighth house of transformation on October 1, it may be time to make the bold decision to say “goodbye” to what’s no longer working for you and “hello” to all sorts of new possibilities.

When the new moon in Libra takes place on October 16, it will represent a brand-new start. Let go of all the mentalities that have been holding you back and turn the page to a new chapter, because no one knows what’ll happen in the year ahead.

Your intuition is sparkling with truth, Scorpio! You may feel like lying low, analyzing your dreams and pulling out your tarot cards, because what you’re craving is a deeper understanding of your world.

When a new moon takes place on October 13, you may just become a philanthropist in your own right! Open your heart to a deeper commitment to protecting the most vulnerable in your community.

You’re famous for being one of the most ambitious signs in all the zodiac, Capricorn! This month, you’re zeroing in on your goals and climbing your way up the ladder, because the sun is in your 10th house of career and you’re ready to come out on top.  

When the full moon on October 1 sends electricity to your third house of communication, your desire to learn will reach new heights. But don’t just sit there and absorb information—speak your mind and let others know what you think!

When a full moon takes place in your second house of values, you’ll come to terms with a deeper understanding of your self-worth. You are enough all on your own, Pisces. There’s no need to prove anything at all!

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