As if the astrology of autumn 2020 wasn’t chaotic enough as-is, Mercury Retrograde begins on October 13. The planet of communication, thinking, and timing is squeezing in one final backspin before the year is up, and this time, it’s throwing our deepest fears, feelings, and even our futures into the mix, too.

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde period spends most of its journey in the deep and mysterious water sign of Scorpio, which has the potential to heighten our emotional defensiveness and put a sharp edge on the way we communicate.

Typical Mercury retrograde mishaps might make us feel paranoid and secretive, especially if we’re forced to revisit personal issues that we’d tried to hide or cover up in the past. “Mercury is nicknamed ‘the trickster of the zodiac,’ and in Scorpio it seems like communication is coded and overly secretive. The retrograde will eventually spin Mercury back into Libra for its final few days, where it’ll feel slightly less intense and give us one last chance to review the logistics and communication styles within our partnerships.

We’re in for exactly three weeks of antics, as this Mercury retrograde ends on November 3 — otherwise known as election day in the US. Given that this transit is known for miscommunications and technical errors, astrologers are feeling uneasy about the timing of this particular backspin, especially given the importance of the 2020 presidential election. To avoid any Mercury retrograde issues getting in the way of making your voice heard during this significant moment in history, be sure to triple-check sources for voting information before sharing, and try to vote early and avoid cutting anything too close, if you can.

Mercury Retrograde Is Going To Stir Up Some Drama At WorkThis retrograde, like all of Mercury’s backspins, can be a total headache for our professional lives. During autumn’s upcoming retrograde, Mercury will spend the first two weeks in Scorpio, which will uncover deep truths and bring out everyone’s most sarcastic edge and paranoid thoughts. Avoid sticking your nose in other people’s business at work, as you may get caught or stumble upon information that you’d have been better off without. It’ll then cycle back briefly into Libra at the end of its retrograde journey, which will shift a focus onto communication and understanding within partnerships. Be especially careful with your words during the final days of October and beginning of November, as tensions, past dramas, or general confusion could easily crop up between you and your boss, colleagues, or business partners.

Mercury’s tri-annual backspins are also notoriously inauspicious times to try to start new projects or sign contracts. “Mercury retrograde is frequently associated with the past and offers us a chance to learn and correct our past mistakes. That said, it’s an ideal time to circle back to work projects, professional goals, or job opportunities that you never followed through with in the past and try to reignite the energy.


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