Full Moon in Taurus October 31, 2020 7:49am

Theme: Rare and Unexpected

This week we have a powerful Full Moon in Taurus. It’s the second Full Moon of October – known as a Blue Moon. When a Full Moon happens twice in a month, which rarely happens, it’s called a Blue Moon – hence the saying ‘once in a blue moon’. 

Halloween’s Rare Full Blue Moon In Taurus Is Here To Help Get You Out Of Your Rut

  • On October 31, a.k.a. Halloween, the Full Blue Moon in Taurus is happening.
  • This rare full moon will urge you to break free from routine and get your party on.
  • The moon affects all zodiac signs, but Taurus, Scorpio, and Libra will feel it the most.

In pretty much every Halloween movie there tends to be a huge, kinda eerie full moon shining brightly in the sky. Well, it’s super rare, but this Halloween, there’s ~actually~ going to be a full moon. (Because what else would you expect from 2020?)

It’s called the Full Blue Moon, and it’s happening in the sign of Taurus on Saturday, October 31, 2020, a.k.a. Halloween.

But don’t worry, this full moon isn’t something out of  horror flick. Instead, it’s going to make you want to break free and get your party on. But, of course, there’s more going on than just that.

What is the Full Blue Moon in Taurus?

Before getting into that, it’s important to first cover what a full moon is. The moon has different phases, and a “full moon” is the phase where the moon looks like a big, awesome (sometimes spooky) ball of light in the sky.

This particular full moon is called a Blue Moon because it’s the second full moon in this month—something that’s pretty rare, according to the Farmers Almanac. Fun fact: There hasn’t been a full moon on Halloween falling in all time zones since 1944.

Great news for the Halloween lover in you: This full moon has a seriously strong party vibe. You’ll want to do the holiday up big, splurging on a costume, buying full-sized candy bars to hand out, decking out your place in pumpkins and fake spiderwebs—the works. However you do it up this holiday, just remember to maintain a safe social distance. And even if you’re just planning a scary movie marathon at home with your S.O., you’ll still want to go all out.

This particular full moon is also connected to Uranus, a.k.a. the planet of unpredictability and wanting to break free. So, you’ll have a seriously strong urge to break out of your usual routine and do something a little more wild, whether that’s wearing a costume you wouldn’t normally choose or planning an impromptu mini-road trip. And, if someone tries to tell you what you can and can’t do, eh… it’s not going to end well for them.

The Full Blue Moon in Taurus is also super sensual, making it a great time to connect with someone new or to spend the evening partying it up with your partner. (And, ya know, taking the afterparty to your bedroom.)

But, overall, this full moon is about having some good, ole-fashioned F-U-N.

The Full Blue Moon in Taurus is all about living for the moment—and that’s sooo needed right now. But while a lot of the emphasis is on what’s happening this second, it’ll also remind you of how good it feels to just relax and have fun in general.

So, take those spur-of-the-moment, carefree vibes, and try to infuse them into your life a little more moving forward. Maybe you’ll make fewer plans and just jump in your car and go when the mood strikes, or maybe you’ll arrange a virtual cocktail-making class with your buddies to keep the fun going. If there’s any way to add a little more fun, party vibes into your life going forward, you’re so there.

As for the sensual side, having an all-out, super fun evening with your S.O. will help bring you two closer—and push you to get out of your routine a little more in the future.

Full Moon Contemplations:

Where do you need to balance emotionality with practicality? 

Where do you need to balance internal processing with being present in nature? 

Do you tend to be more watery? (emotional, overthinking, brooding)

Or do you tend to be more earthy? (present, grounded, practical)

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