The Full Moon in Taurus occurs on October 31st, at 7:49 am PT.

Lighting up the festivals that honor the dead, our ancestry, and the many lineages we hail from, this Full Moon magnifies the importance of acknowledging our lifelines. We are relegated to living life on the surface when we have too few places and spaces dedicated to mourning, witnessing loss, and recognizing the impacts of the past. Without acknowledging death, we forget how to embrace the depths. Without acknowledging the grief that exists, we can’t expand into joy’s great spaces. Without being reminded of how fragile our physical selves are, we can’t ever know how strong a tie our bonds can be. 

These days, and the holidays that fill them, are a reminder to refocus on what is eternal: the love, the care, and the offerings that have created, sustained, and fortified us. To say that this Full Moon finds us at an emotionally sensitive time in history would be an understatement. As countries the world over battle different phases of the Coronavirus, we in the United States try to find our way through the completely disastrous handling of the pandemic, and life in general. In an election cycle like no other, many of us are emotionally taxed. Expectant. Exhausted. On edge. 

November 3rd, 2020 – Mercury Goes Direct

On November 3rd, 2020, Mercury goes direct at 25° Libra, so things will finally get back on track. Mercury retrogrades are necessary because they ask us to revisit and pay attention to those areas of our life that are up for a review anyway. If we wouldn’t pay attention to those topics stirred by Mercury retrograde, if we wouldn’t make the necessary changes, we wouldn’t be prepared for the future. And while these Mercury Retrograde readjustments are necessary, it is indeed a relief to get on with life. There are other aspects we need to pay attention to this month anyway.

Aries & Aries Rising The Full Moon on October 31st highlights how your relationship to traditional sources of security is changing. What formerly brought you peace might be less comforting at this point. Being able to experience stability because of an internal source of riches is always a sign of growth and solid witchcraft. No matter what your bank statement says, know that you are connected to deep wellsprings of creative potential. Investing your energy and your magic in them will always pay dividends.   As Mercury stations direct, it asks you to stay on message. Repeatedly. Take stock carefully, slowly, and considerately — especially in regards to the agreements and negotiations that come up between you and the people you are in important partnerships with. If there is a business deal that’s up in the air, do all you can to make sure you catch it with care, or at the least have soft padding for it to land on. If there is something you want to burn to the ground, give a trusted ally your matches, lighters, and torches to hold on to.  As Mars follows suit and also stations direct in mid-November, just after the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, a little gas gets poured on the fires that have been more tempered as of late. You are raring to go. Whatever you have learned about protecting your agency over the past 5 months now helps you direct your life towards the work projects that truly make an impact. Don’t sleep on the success that comes when you make yourself your best bet. 
Taurus & Taurus Rising  The Full Moon is here to awaken you to your own personal brand of witchcraft. Liberating yourself from conventional sources of power and, instead, strengthening your relationship with your personal reserves of energy and storehouses of plenty is the revolution you are meant to lead right now. As both a recipient of blessings that others have passed onto you, and as an ancestor of those that are yet to be born, your magic is to be found in the in-between. The more you build upon what has been offered, in hopes that others down the line will benefit from it, the more powerful your sorcery.  Dust off your crystal ball. As Mercury’s stations direct in the beginning of November, it helps you focus your energy on a complication in a professional project or process. It asks you to go slowly, uncovering the reasons for your writer’s block, malaise, or misgivings. The solutions are on their way, but not always on your watch.  The last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction occurs mid-November, pulling focus on your long-term plans, big journeys, and expeditions into the unknown. When you follow everyone else’s directions, your inner compass tends to turn off — take this moment to restart it and heed its orientation.  At almost the same time, Mars stations direct which helps you to retrieve some of the energy it has been hoarding. It’s now possible to finally finish up the things you’ve been hard at work on in your studios, incubators, and darkrooms over the last couple of months. 
Gemini & Gemini Rising  The Full Moon pulls focus on the disruptions that come when you leave a feeling unattended for too long. Whatever has been pushed into the backrooms of your being gets loud now. Heed its call. Most often the effort needed to exorcise an emotion that’s gotten lodged between the past and the present is so much less than our fear of it would have us believe.  Witchcraft requires that we be of service to the moment, responding intuitively to last minute changes, improvising with whatever tools are at our disposal, and dressing whatever wounds we come across. Staying unattached to how you think things are supposed to be, and more interested in how they are showing up and showing you how to be an ally to yourself, keeps you in your magic.   As the Full Moon fades, Mercury stations direct, making it impossible to ignore the issues that children or creative projects and partnerships bring up. What is needed now is your patience and a slow and steady approach to working through any problems so that they don’t become chronic. How you address issues within friendships, your groups, and networks also takes center stage as Mars stations direct mid-month. Whatever you have learned about leadership and building with those that you align with will serve you for years to come. Invest in the projects that have the potential to outlive you all and benefit many generations to come.
Cancer & Cancer Rising The Full Moon awakens you to the possibilities that lie beyond the conventional ways of approaching your audiences. It’s time for you to think outside the box and be willing to get risky with how you get your messages across. If you have become complacent or reliant on a structure that doesn’t actually serve you, chances are it won’t stick around for long. Let any upheaval stir your fighting spirit so that your wildness can be put to good use. No witch thrives in spaces, places, or relationships that don’t know how to recognize their magic when it’s offered. Dust off your broom and remember to take flight when your services aren’t respected or your coven isn’t welcome.  Gather under the Full Moon with those that want to cast spells for communal wellness and prosperity for all.  As Mercury’s stations direct, it pulls focus on your lineage, ancestry, and your most foundational relationships. The past holds all things that your future needs. As the first week of November asks you to pause, it also asks you to unearth the wisdom that you inherited. Every generation is meant to give their heirlooms an update, but first they must be claimed, unpacked, and polished off. There are treasures awaiting your attention; they just might require that you dig around the basements you’ve not visited in a while.  Conversely as Mars stations direct, the career goals, gains, and losses that mark this year in unforgettable ways make themselves known. 2020 has tasked you with understanding your impact in the world, but the trick is in believing in the possibility of it before you get the proof positive. When you give your agency away to those that have credentials or capitalist currency, you lose your potency. As Mars stations direct, it offers you a chance to reclaim it from the ways in which you didn’t even know you had given it away.  
Leo & Leo Rising The Full Moon helps you cast spells of excitement in your career. Making magic happen on the public stage is no sleight of hand trick, however. It takes years of practice, effort, and care for your craft. It takes a dedication to something greater than yourself to make your incantations count.  When we offer the world the best of what we have, it is imbued with the blessings of those that came before us. We are all here to embody the finest qualities of our lineages and, along the way, we are meant to heal all that impedes us from doing so. This Full Moon makes clear what you are coming with, what you can gift the rest of us, and what you are making your mission to mend. As Mercury stations direct, you are encouraged to spend the first week of November slowing down in your day-to-day interactions. When you think you understand the directions, double check. When you’ve made up your mind about how something needs to go because that’s how it works best for you, ask for a second opinion. Because Mars is also stationing direct come mid-month, it highlights the situations where you assume you’re right, or feel pressured to know what to do, where to go, and how to get there. Remember to consider how your choices impact others. Come late November you feel much freer and able to plan ahead in ways that have evaded you for much of 2020. Until then, proceed with caution. 
Virgo & Virgo Rising The Full Moon reminds you how important it is to have a vision for your life that you are moving towards, and how vital it is to regularly check that it is yours and not something the world has told you to want. Break away from the traditional routes when necessary; investigate the fears you might have about going off script, improvising your plans, and going by your gut instincts. Security looks different when we view it from the inside out and not the outside in. Your magic grows more powerful each time you refuse to outsource it.  As Mercury stations direct, it suggests that you pause on a purchase, rethink your investments, and reorganize a priority or two. This is about understanding that what you have to work with is precisely what you need. The more love you have for your talents, the more you appreciate the ways in which they want to support you, and the more you can engage with them as a partner. Knowing the value of your gifts allows you to not only charge accordingly, but also to create in ways that bring out their best.   Mars stations direct in mid-November, putting an emphasis on the lessons you’ve learned in your collaborations over the past couple of months. You’ve most likely confronted some very tumultuous material; parsing out intimacy issues is complicated, facing fears of rejection and loss is serious business, and finding ways to put feelings in perspective to get the job done requires practice and dedication. The efforts that you’ve made to show up as the best partner you can be have not been in vain and the last weeks of 2020 help you understand just how much you’ve been able to set yourself up for success.  
Libra & Libra Rising The Full Moon highlights the magic you are making in your collaborations. While some of your partnerships can handle the kind of innovative energy you’re channeling, others may not be so able to recognize the changes as upgrades. If there is turbulence, keep your focus on what you know you ultimately need from your exchanges, and aim for those that want to build in similar ways.  The Full Moon also shines light on your inheritances; the gifts, the burdens, and the attributes that you’ve been the recipient of come to light. Understanding both what you are tasked with healing and what you are fortunate enough to pass on to future generations helps you understand some of the most meaningful pursuits on your path. Taking a moment to give thanks and ask for assistance can remind you of your magic; you are connected to sources of power that, though invisible, have incredible impact.  But witchcraft doesn’t work unless you practice it.  As Mercury stations direct, it gets you to meditate on your messages. There is an issue that needs more of your time, consideration, and attention. The first week of November asks you to be more mindful than usual about your delivery, and perhaps more patient than you want to be about a response. The tension that occurs before, during and after Mars stations direct makes your interpersonal landscape interesting. Whether you are resolving long-standing issues with others, or gaining insight into the more complicated of your intimacy issues, mid-November offers you the perfect conditions to get to know yourself and your relationship style better than ever. By the end of the month you get to move forward with greater clarity about your impact on others and how you want to use it.
Scorpio & Scorpio Rising The Full Moon highlights the radical ways in which you are learning to love, care for, and build relationships. Change is a constant and the more we steady ourselves in our unions, the more we must update our systems. Witchcraft requires us to study the impact of time, appreciating the shifts each season brings. As you look back on the past couple of years, take note of how you’ve been able to readjust your expectations of others, be more honest about your needs and how to meet them, and let affection seep in from a myriad of sources. Magic happens when we recognize a blessing no matter the form it comes in. Let yourself be startled by the myriad of ways they rush towards you now.  As Mercury stations direct, it gives you reason to pause. There is either a piece of information surfacing about a behind the scenes project or a deeply buried psychological treasure coming to light. Either way, when you see a shimmering object off in the distance, stay focused on it. The first week of November will test your ability to remain patient, but the payoff is profound. As your ruling planet, Mars, stations direct, you get some well-earned clarity about the direction and release of a work project. What you’ve been pouring your energy and expertise into over the past couple of months now gets set free. The leadership that you’ve learned to integrate and embody as a result of all this hard work will serve your professional life for a long time to come. 
Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising The Full Moon highlights the many changes, innovations, and updates your work projects are going through. You are being asked to not only think outside the box, but to disassemble it completely, use it as a platform, and build your projects upon it. There is no mold for you to break, there is only the belief that when your insights and intuition are met with consistency, accuracy, and skill development, you’ll have brought forth what no one even knew was missing.   If you want to make magic, you have to be able to create outside the lines.   However, because this is also the kind of astrology that keeps you on your toes and tires you out if you aren’t careful, consider rest as a radical act to counter the effort you are putting in. Consider slowing down as your current form of witchcraft. Refusing to adhere to norms out of a sense of obligation is the core principle of any successful sorcery; don’t be fooled into exhausting yourself for the societal cookies that come. They are merely dry biscuits that won’t satiate or carry you through the season.      As Mercury stations direct, it asks you to pause and be deeply considerate of the ways in which you are working with others. There is a message, conversation, or idea that is slow to come, but clearly impactful when it does. As Mars stations direct it pinpoints all the ways in which you have learned to not only honor, but become an expert, at channeling your creative energy. By the end of November, the projects that have been a blessing but also a thorn in your side finally find their way forward. What is revealed by late 2020 is the quality of your creations; the layers of investments that you have made with your time, energy, and care come shining through.
Capricorn & Capricorn Rising The Full Moon reminds you that in order to enjoy what you have, you can’t get too complacent about having it. Nothing in life is guaranteed and right now you benefit from making use of what is around you while it is. Well-practiced witchcraft knows how to celebrate each season, make use of its medicines, and work with its powers. Although your creative projects are going through a moment of change and possibly chaos, the innovations that arise out of the shifts are ultimately helpful for you in the long-term. Don’t fear the disruptions, look for the magic they are trying to help you make.  Mercury’s station direct will eventually bring you answers regarding career trajectories, projects, and promotions, but it takes its sweet time. The first week of November brings some conversations to a halt, giving you the opportunity to investigate a little deeper and process your findings while you wait.  As Mars stations direct and the last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn takes place, you get reminded of your personal potency. The focus now is on how you can connect with your power no matter what the world is up to. This has been a year of excavating your raw talent and coming to terms with what it means to solidify it into your chosen projects, passions, and pursuits. Your purpose is clear; now it’s just about refusing to be distracted by anything less. Clarity about a living situation, a family dynamic, or a research project comes with the closing of the month and the new year sees you putting down roots with an undeniable confidence.
Aquarius & Aquarius Rising The Full Moon reminds you of your roots, ancestry, and upward movement. Sorting through the psychic trunks that you’ve inherited takes a lifetime, but it also brings bucketloads of gifts along the way. In-between the musty recyclables are gems you don’t want to cast off, but they require digging, classifying, and coming to terms with what you come from. Witchcraft requires us to know ourselves so that we can know the exact type of magic we have to work with, how to apply it, and how to respect it. The Full Moon comes at a time when your relationship to the past, to your foundations, and to your home are undergoing a long-term change. This moment is a punctuation of a process in motion, one that reminds you that healing isn’t linear; as you find repair, the past, present, and future benefits from the realignment.  Mercury’s station direct reminds you that solid plans for your future require you to be both patient and painstaking in your understanding of the routes you are taking. Study the landscape, take no obstacles personally, and be willing to redirect when you find a dead end. November has many redirects.  As Mars stations direct, it pulls focus on your daily life, calendar, and conversations. Whatever the later part of this year has taught you about speaking plainly would like to be put into practice now. As the planets pivot, you are meant to bring their teachings into your activities. Honor the power of speaking without the distractions of trying to be right — just focus on being as honest and considerate as possible. 
Pisces & Pisces Rising The Full Moon pulls focus on the quality of your connections, reminding you how important all the seemingly insignificant interactions add up to be. Pay attention to the comments that happen in passing that feel more like oracles than pleasantries. During this time of the year, the spirits that want to offer you info will use all manner of mediums to get to you. With changes to your daily routine, neighborhood, or schedule occurring,  you most likely feel the impact of inconsistency and the importance of readjusting your rituals. Witches know that with the change of season comes the change of ingredients to our brew. These shifts are necessary to serve the systems you most want to keep running.  As Mercury stations direct, communications about collaborations and sharing responsibilities come to a halt. Some issues need space and time to sort themselves out. Some partnerships won’t find their way forward. Sometimes you just need to come clean and accept whatever outcome happens — this is one of those times. By mid-month, when Mars stations direct, financial issues get resolved or at least downsized. Whatever struggles you’ve been in that have to do with your resources over the past few months come to a point of clarity. It doesn’t mean the issue gets resolved, but it does mean that you know the course you need to take to make sure it has that chance. 

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