Mercury Retrograde Is Finally Over. ( Day)

2020’s astrology weather has been rough, , and the chaotic state of the world has is reflected in the astrology. This past month was especially rough, thanks to Mercury Retrograde, but I’m pleased to announce that I have some great news for you—on November 3, the final Mercury Retrograde of 2020 is officially OVER!

The past several weeks have been all about paying more attention to your deepest relationships—because you’re experiencing more problems with how you connect with others. You’ve been learning how to eliminate poor communication habits, open up to others, and welcome more intimacy into your life. Now that the retrograde is over, there are way less challenges coming up between you and your boo/bestie, and you’re finding solutions for the issues you’ve had to face during the retrograde. You might feel that this past month was the most stressful month of 2020, and you’re not wrong about that. The year is almost over, the stormy astro-weather is beginning to pass over.

There’s been a lotta drama in your relationships during this retrograde, but now that Mercury’s moving in the right direction again, the miscommunications and misunderstandings you’ve been struggling with are finally going away. This might be because you and your partner have learned how to communicate more clearly—or the drama could exit stage left because you broke up. Regardless, the relationship drama is getting back down to a minimum!

Miscommunications (especially re: work) have been beyond stressful lately—missed texts, unread emails, forgotten phone calls, etc. have all been huge themes, but now that Mercury is direct, you can get back on top of your sh*t! Mercury Retrograde was so chaotic because it wanted to show you all the ways that your life isn’t organized. Now’s the time to get organized and set healthy, productive habits in your day-to-day routine. Once Mercury zooms back into Scorpio on November 10, you’ll be able to focus solely on your relationships, so get all of this tidying up and work-related crap outta the way now.

The first chunk of the retrograde made life at work a living hell (and those deadlines are still zooming past you, aren’t they?), but this past week, the retrograde was more focused on your love life. Exes have been popping up, you’ve been beefing with your boo, and your love life has been very un-lovely, but you can anticipate things getting much better soon. Mercury Retrograde is bad, period, no matter where it is in your chart—but now that Mercury is moving the correct direction, it’s sending hella good vibes to your chart’s fifth house, which governs romance, sex, and fun. Once you get over this last retrograde speed bump, tons of new connections are coming your way, and you’re able to spice up your love/sex life.

Appliances have been breaking down, your family’s been extra extra annoying, and your roommates are beefing, all thanks to Mercury Retrograde. But now that the retrograde’s over, you’re able to start picking up the pieces and making life at home run smoothly and efficiently again. Now’s the to talk it out and make up if you’ve been arguing with your parents/roommates/siblings so you can forget about the drama and move on.

Since this Mercury Retrograde’s been chilling in your chart’s zone of communication, connecting with others has been a big challenge. This retrograde should have taught you the importance of thinking before you speak, and now that you’re being a little more thoughtful with your words, you’re finally starting to see results. People are enjoying connecting with you again, you’re thriving with your friends/boo/new faces, and things are only looking better from here!

The past week or so has been particularly difficult for you, especially in regards to your financial situation. You’ve been overspending, under-saving, and realizing you’ve forgotten bills, etc., but after this slap on the wrist from the stars, you feel like you really understand the value of a dollar now. Start setting better spending habits now and they’ll stick around for a long time after this retrograde.

Although most of this past retrograde spent its time in Scorpio, for the past week or so it’s been hanging out in your sign.. This has been particularly stressful for all of you late-Libra-season-Libras (if you were born between October 16-October 21). Communicating (which includes both speaking and listening) hasn’t been easy, tech glitches have been abundant, and travel delays have been nightmarish lately. But the retrograde ending signifies that these issues, too, will end soon. You’re learning how to connect with others in a better way—you’re listening just as much as you’re speaking. These personal changes are helping your life at work, with the fam, and with your boo/bestie improve, and you’re finding that you’re starting to thrive more, too!

Mercury Retrograde in your sign was wild, but when it moved into Libra a week or so ago, life slowed way, way down. You’ve been experiencing drama from exes, old friends that you have beef with, or just shit-talkers in general, whether you know it or not—a lot of the shade-throwing has been happening behind the scenes. The end of this retrograde suggests that you’re hearing about and acknowledging the drama, solving it, and finally moving on from it, once and for all.

Mercury Retrograde has been exposing several inconvenient truths about your squad, and you’re finding that some of your friends really don’t belong in your life anymore. Accept that not every friendship lasts forever, and the end of this retrograde will be super easy for you. I’m not saying that you should cut people off over minor transgressions, but this is a time for you to look at your friend group, assess how healthy your friendships actually are, and make a plan to give your squad the glow-up it needs. This might mean cutting people off or distancing yourself from others, but for each friend you lose, you open up space for another, better one.

This has been a critical period in your development, especially in regarding your professional life. Normally, Mercury in Libra is a time where big messages re: promotions, raises, or bonuses find their way to you—and maybe they have been!—but every opportunity or offer you’ve been presented simply hasn’t worked out. Now that the retrograde is over, you’re finally able to hear back from your boss, feel acknowledged for how much you’ve been busting your ass, and receive your well-deserved rewards.

Although this retrograde hasn’t impacted your relationships much, it’s still been a big struggle for your sign. Travel delays, missed appointments, and scheduling mishaps (especially if any of these are related to education) have been bad lately, but things are improving now that the retrograde is finally over. No, life isn’t ~magically~ going to clear up—instead, you’re finally learning the importance of double-checking your schedule, being prompt, and working hard to show up on time. As a result, your life is running much more smoothly.

This was an emotional retrograde, even for you, Pisces: You and your boo haven’t been connecting on a deep level like you used to. Life in the bedroom lost that spark, or maybe even started to feel awkward/uncomfortable. But now you’re learning that just because things aren’t just like they used to be doesn’t mean that they’re not good anymore. People change, and what you and your partner desire in a relationship aren’t the same as when you first paired up—and that’s okay! During the retrograde, you’ve been figuring out if your your relationship is worth working on despite your differences, and now’s the time to act. If you think a breakup is the best move, go for it. But if you want to stay together, this is your opportunity start to open up and connect deeply with your boo again—the vibe is very “and they lived happily ever after!”

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