PAST LIFE REGRESSION AT: Rising Goddess, 225 Highland Parkway Tonawanda, NY 14223. November 14, 2020 @ 4 pm. Message me at 716 481 2799 for more info.

Past lives often hold the key to the present one. Many believe we come back again and again, living lives interconnected to those we’ve lived previously. A past life regression can reveal much about your current one. Are you and your partner soul mates? Are there karmic debts to be worked out? These are big questions that can be answered by past life regression. It is possible that your same family members and friends played different roles in your past lives. In one life, your sister may have been your mother. Perhaps your best friend was once your lover. What could this mean to you in this life?

A past life regression can help you resolve ancestral conflicts, forgive the past, and learn to love11 11. Meaning according to numerology, the number 11 is a “master number” which signifies intuition, insight, and enlightenment. When paired together, 11 11 is a clear message from the universe to become conscious and aware. Many people suggest that seeing 11 11 signifies that your spirit guides are attempting to contact you. In my experience, 11 11 seems to be the number of spiritual awakening, signifying that you are on the right path and your actions are aligned with your Soul’s purpose. In other words, seeing 11 11 is a good sign! An energetic doorway is being opened in which you will experience spiritual growth. 11 11 meaning in summary: You are on the right path and you’re being assisted by your Soul, spirit guides, and the Universe to consciously grow and expand.

Pay attention, be aware, and remember to stay grounded in the present moment. 11 11 and the Spiritual Awakening Journey Seeing repetitive numbers like 1111 is a form of synchronicity (or a meaningful coincidence) – it can be thought of as a wake-up call; a cry from your deeper Self to pay attention and be present. In this way, we can see 11 11 as something of a meditation bell: you are being asked to tune into the present moment and the love/guidance that is always available to you. You are being asked to engage more deeply in the mystery and wonder of existence, understanding that there is an Intelligence much greater than yours at play.

Seeing 11 11, or any repetitive number for that matter is, therefore, an intrinsic part of the spiritual awakening process. Not only does it instill a sense of curiosity and awe within us, but it makes us pause, stop, and question. Momentarily, we exit the asleep and trance like (or samsaric) mode of living and access a more mindful way of being. Therefore, if you keep seeing 11 11, you are probably undergoing a spiritual awakening process. Other signs that you are “waking up” include seeing other spiritual signs and omens (like repeated dreams and animal encounters), experiencing heightened intuition, struggling with a dark night of the soul, craving more solitude, feeling dissatisfied with life, and more.

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