New Moon in Aquarius February 11 Horoscopes

This month is starting off on a high note, with February’s New Moon in Aquarius putting a spotlight on human rights and revolutionary change! On February 11, the Moon joins the Sun in Aquarius, forming what astrologers call a conjunction.

If Aquarius’s sister sign Leo takes center stage, then Aquarius is the one working tirelessly behind the scenes, making sure the production goes well. This New Moon in Aquarius is likely to bring forth a confirmation of intuitive messages and the welcoming of more diversity. As our political leanings shift, so will our ability to enact meaningful change.

This New Moon has the power to unearth erratic and unpredictable parts of your personality, so be careful what you lunge yourself into. Aquarius is a Saturn-ruled sign, so commitments you make now can last for a lifetime. But try not to get freaked out or overthink things! The New Moon will trine (meaning form a harmonious 120-degree angle with) the North Node of Fate, which is currently in Gemini. Translation: Things will work out as they need to—just stay open to communication.

What that means for you:


Are you a little unsure about the team that surrounds you, Aries? Try not to fret—this New Moon has the power to help you refresh your focus. Continue working toward what you believe is right. Your team will show up for you if you tell them you need their help.


Sometimes it’s difficult to admit how much influence our parents have over us—like, ew, no one wants to feel like their caregiver’s clone! But don’t disregard the similarities between you and your family. This New Moon will help you understand how those who’ve come before you impact your motivation.


Welcome new ways of thinking, Gemini! You’re being forced to recognize there’s more to life than what’s in your backyard, metaphorically speaking. Be willing to consider perspectives you wouldn’t typically listen to. You’ll be surprised by how they can inspire your thinking. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with relearning certain concepts and constructs.


Be open to a reset in the intimacy department, Cancer! Go ahead and revisit previous affairs so you can better understand why they didn’t work out as planned. You may have been in the dark with the best of intentions, but you stunted your potential by rushing. Now, you’re getting the opportunity to try again. Take it slow and steady.


The New Moon is opening up your inner circle—try to remain open to the possibility of someone from your past cycling back toward you (blame Mercury Retrograde). Even though many astrologers may suggest against starting up a new relationship during this time, there’s nothing wrong with rekindling old flames and seeing where things go!


Are you eating enough and staying hydrated, Virgo? (And no, soda does not count!)  It’s of the utmost importance that you’re taking care of yourself under the New Moon in Aquarius. New Moon energy can feel intoxicating and exciting, which also makes it extremely draining. Living your best life means making sure you’re tended to—and yes, snacking throughout the day counts!


This is a wonderful time to restart a creative endeavor! Think back on old passion projects that you may not have had the time to pursue in the past, and consider turning your attention toward them. Luckily for some of you, a romantic interest will make a surprise appearance to help out by being your motivation. Just don’t be a scrub!


A confrontation between friends can bring up some old familial wounds. Try not to let the past get to you, and refrain from being a plunger (someone who brings up old sh*t). If you feel like you need alone time, don’t feel guilty taking it! In fact, the best way to spend this New Moon might be taking some me-time at home.


Be proud of yourself, Sagittarius—you’re keeping your head above water despite choppy waves. Gotta love Jupiter—your ruling planet always fuels your ability to seek out new opportunities. Put that energy toward how you express yourself. Develop your image and the New Moon will bless you with work opportunities.


It looks like a former fling might be on their way back into your life. Don’t you love when Mercury retrogrades? You’re still focusing on securing your bag and working through your values. Don’t let a crush distract you from the work you need to do; this New Moon is perfect for manifesting money. Keep your priorities in order.


Your family might not completely understand your vision; they may not even support the person you’re becoming. This New Moon is challenging you to trust your gut and walk down a path that you create for yourself. Being a trailblazer can be scary, but the New Moon and Sun in Aquarius are illuminating your path!


Fish aren’t always swimming—sometimes they stay still while water moves around them. The New Moon is giving you an opportunity to slow down. Allow the world to reveal itself to you. Try not to lash out if your self-expression is challenged; let your community advocate for you. There’s power in learning when to do nothing at all.

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