This Pisces Season Will Bring Reflection and Romanticism into Our Lives. How will it affect you astrologically?

Welcome to Pisces season! The last month of winter will bring reflective and emotional vibes our way. Translation? Get ready to feel the feels, if you aren’t feeling ’em already. In the month to come, we’ll be navigating our lives through our emotions. So, grab the box of Kleenex, dry your tears, and chat about the good ‘ol days with close friends and family. Prepare to get sentimental—that’s what Pisces season is here for.

Before getting into your horoscope and how Pisces will affect your sun sign, here’s a rundown of the key astrological events to come this month, including the luckiest day of February.

  • The Sun glides into Pisces on February 18th, heightening our intuition, creativity, and imagination.
  • Mercury ends its retrograde journey on February 21st in Aquarius. All the pesky miscommunications that started January 30th, when the retrograde began, will begin to abate. Phew!
  • Tender Venus enters dreamy Pisces on February 25th, adding romanticism to our feelings, glamour to our lives, and an inclination toward generosity and helping others.
  • Expansive planet Jupiter harmoniously connects with the Nodes of Destiny on February 26th, making this the luckiest and most abundant day of the month. If you’re thinking of getting a lottery ticket, do it on February 26.
  • The Full Snow Moon in Virgo occurs on February 27th. This lunar event will push us to trust our instincts.
  • Action planet Mars moves into Gemini. Be mindful of how you use your energy. Try not to overextend yourself with others or be verbally combative. Think before sending an impulsive text or email to ensure that you don’t burn bridges.
  • The New Moon in Pisces on March 13th encourages an escape from reality, so get ready to daydream.
  • Mercury enters Pisces on March 15th, allowing us to use intuition to find answers to the questions we’re asking. Let your inner voice be louder than logical explanations.


The gossip and drama in your social circle will hit a high on February 26th, when Jupiter and the Nodes of Destiny meet up in the cosmos. Luckily, the rumors will die down swiftly. However, the noise among your peers will send you into a self-imposed hibernation. Use this time to recover and heal from any unsavory stories or rumors. When Mars enters Gemini on March 3rd, you’ll be ready to shut down the whispers in your friend group once and for all.


All work and no play is not a good recipe for you, Taurus. This month, it’s essential you carve out time from your professional obligations to focus on your personal needs. Cash out your vacation days at work and plan a staycation on February 25th, when Venus enters Pisces. Use this time to catch up with friends on Zoom, read a good book, and rest. You’ll be grateful that you chose the route of relaxation during the Full Moon, as it will give you the inspiration to create and take on more at work when the New Moon occurs.


Your career is reaching new heights thanks to expansive Jupiter connecting with the Nodes of Destiny on February 26th. You crave professional recognition—but you’re realizing that there’s more to life than raises and promotions. The Full Moon urges you to reconsider your desire to shine bright in the spotlight, at least temporarily. You will regain balance when Mars begins its alignment with your Sun on March 3rd. You’ll want to discuss work projects during the New Moon and March 15th, when Mercury enters Pisces. This time around, all professional commitments and obligations will be on your terms.


It’s time to spread your wings, Cancer! Think big and make plans that will expand your horizons when the Sun swims into Pisces on February 18th. The moment you allow yourself to see your hopes on a grandiose scale, they’ll begin to take flight. Use the Full Moon’s energy on February 27th to let go of outdated views and the New Moon on March 13th for a boost of vitality, which will help manifest your desires. The great news is that an exciting new vision will have blossomed on the horizon by the time Pisces season ends, which will bring you closer toward achieving your dreams.


The past month allowed you to reassess relationships. Now, it’s time to decide who is in and out of your life. Seems intense? Well, it won’t be. As long as you make the tough decisions after Mercury turns direct on February 21st and use the nodal energy on the 26th to secure relationships that make the cut, you’ll feel confident in your choices. When action planet Mars enters Gemini on March 3rd, you’ll have a whole new group of best friends—all of whom will have proven their loyalty to you.


Aligning yourself with the right partnerships is important when it comes to business matters. An exciting professional opportunity that pushes you outside of your comfort zone will come your way on February 26th, when Jupiter connects with the Nodes of Destiny. While this opportunity could be financially lucrative, you’ll have to think about whether or not you are willing to join forces with some of the people attached to the project during the Full Moon on February 27th. Your decision will be made during March 13th’s New Moon, an advantageous time of negotiating to your advantage.


Your daily routine has been off-kilter this past month, affecting your sense of structure and security. The Sun and Venus’s entrances into Pisces on February 18th and 25th will motivate you to finally commit to a self-care schedule, like getting eight hours of beauty sleep every night. After all, if you don’t get ample rest and relaxation, you’ll start getting moody—especially during the Full and New Moons.


You’re never one to shy away from challenges in matters of love, but when Venus enters Pisces on February 25th, you’ll be even braver. This month, you’re taking a high-minded, deliberate approach to understanding your significant other or crush on a deeper level. This change will become apparent during the Full Moon, during which you’ll be willing to let go of old arguments. Mars’s ingress into Gemini on March 3rd offers you the chance to start anew in love—but only if you are completely committed to growth and transformation. The New Moon helps you attain your romantic goals and desires, as long as you look forward and not backwards.


Lately, romance has been a confusing topic for you. When Jupiter and the Nodes of Destiny link up on February 26th, you will feel the pressure to make a decision about the future of your relationship. Are you in or are you out? If you let go of the deep-rooted fear you have towards attachment and commitment, then your romantic situation will soar. Be aware of minor hiccups on March 3rd, as Mars’s movement into Gemini will lightly shake things up. Don’t worry: You’ll be able to build a strong foundation during the New Moon on March 13th.


Words can hurt and heal. Pisces season will make you rethink the way you express yourself, as well as how you receive and process information from others. Learning to effectively communicate your needs to your loved ones will be hard. However, you’ll want to make the effort to evolve during the Full Moon on February 27th. If you show your inner circle that you’re taking their critiques to heart by the time the New Moon rolls around on March 13th, then they’ll respect your efforts. All they want is for you to reflect. Congratulations: You’re doing just that.


Cue the classic song “For the Love of Money” by the O’Jays, because that is the cosmic theme of your month ahead. Unfortunately, the time has come for you to get your finances in order. Brace yourself: This will create a major headache for you during the Full Moon on February 27th. After all, going through old credit card bills and creating financial spreadsheets to monitor your spending doesn’t really fit your free spirited lifestyle. Fortunately, you’ll be able to get a grasp on your spending during March 13th’s New Moon—but only if you really commit to a budget this time.


As fate would have it, the opportunity of a lifetime is coming your way on February 26th when lucky Jupiter links up with the Nodes of Destiny. The caveat is that you will be unsure for the next few weeks as to how you should proceed, especially on March 3rd. Stop worrying about which path to take. Only do what feels right for you. The job will be worth the risk, but only if you believe in your choices. If you don’t second guess your decisions during the New Moon on March 13th, you will rake in success. Reach for the stars, Pisces! They’re yours this month.

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