The card drawn for this week is the Five of Cups.

Did things not go as expected?

The Five of Cups often appears when a situation hasn’t turned out the way you expected, and you are sad, regretful, and disappointed.

Instead of moving on, you may be choosing to wallow in self-pity. Maybe all you can focus on is what went wrong and how you failed.

This is a gentle nudge that it’s time to move on! Allow yourself to feel the feels, but set a time limit for the self-pity and then pull yourself together and move on.

The negative emotions you feel are holding you back from your fullest potential. Release them so you can move on and create positive change.

Forgiveness is vital now for yourself and others. If someone has disappointed you, find it within your heart to forgive that person (for you, not them!), and release yourself from the disappointment.

Shift your mindset and focus on what can go right from this point onwards.

Ask the Tarot: What can I learn from my mistakes?

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