New Moon 11 April 2021 ~ Dispelling Anger

The Aries New Moon falls on April 11th or 12th depending on your time zone, and carries powerful energy for manifestation, intention settings, and new beginnings.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a New Moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle. This energy combined sends powerful waves of freshness into our lives, beckoning us to make changes, plant seeds, and to embrace a new chapter.

At the peak of the New Moon, it is completely invisible, and the night sky looks like a blank slate full of stars. That blank slate is what each of us is being granted on this April New Moon. It is blank for we get to fill it with our desires. We get to choose what we wish to draw, paint, or write across our canvas.

Under this New Moon, our powers of manifestation are heightened and our ability to draw in and attract what we desire is enhanced threefold.

The choices, words, and emotions we put out into the world are always coloring our reality, but at the time of this New Moon their influence is accelerated.

Be mindful of your thoughts, words, and the choices you are making at this time. Be sure they are aligned with that which you wish to attract. Be sure that you are focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

Watch your language and how you are choosing to speak to yourself and others. Your words are powerful, so be sure you are speaking with loving-kindness.

If you find yourself saying or feeling self-sabotaging or self-limiting thoughts like, “I can’t do that” or “nothing ever works out for me”, see if you can stop the thought and switch it to something more positive and affirmative like, “this may be challenging, but I can try.” Or, “things are always working out in my favor, even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time.” In the beginning, it can feel like work to weed out these harmful thoughts, but as time goes on, it becomes easier, more fluid, and more natural.

Allow your thoughts to be an expression of opportunity and hope. Shift your thinking from limitation to abundance.

Use the energies of the New Moon to speak kindly to yourself, and to remind yourself that there are always opportunities to begin again, to try new things, and to make different choices. At the time of this New Moon, we have Venus, , Mercury, Chiron, the Sun, and the Moon all in the sign of Aries, making for a strong dose of this fiery energy.

The energy of fire is about passion, moving forward, and allowing our desires, rather than out fears to guide our way. Fiery energy can also be impulsive, which when used in the right way can help us make leaps forward and shift out of any stagnancy we may be feeling. The last year or so has created a lot of opportunity for stagnancy and feeling stuck, but the winds are now shifting. This New Moon brings strong forward-moving energy, which is powerful enough to shift us out of any situation we feel deeply entrenched in.

You may have to take some action, you may have to follow an instinct or an impulse to help get things moving, but know there is cosmic support on your side.

The fact that no major planets are in retrograde at the time of this New Moon also supports this energy, and indicates that the Universe is really giving us the green light to forge ahead and to make some bold choices. Pluto is also very active on this April New Moon, along with Venus. The combination of Pluto and Venus energy at this time may stir our relationships and get us questioning where we are choosing to give our power away.

Is there a relationship, either with a person or with an event or situation in your life that is making you feel powerless? We may be drawn to focus on this at the time of the New Moon, or we may feel power struggles play out in some of our relationships.

If this manifests, know there is always a path to making better choices. Rather than get stuck going down the same old path and repeating the same conversations, see if you can switch it up and try something different, as you never know where that may lead you.

Venus and Pluto energy at this New Moon may also heighten our emotions in general. We may feel extra sensitive, or in need of some loving support from those around us and from our higher self.

Our inner child may feel like it needs a nice warm hug, a bowl of its favorite cereal, and perhaps even a day binge watching a soothing show. Be sure to give in to any calls that your body, mind, or soul makes to take rest and recharge your batteries. With all this forward-moving energy it can be tempting to rush ahead, but you have to know when to take pause too. Trust the wisdom of your inner being for it will be your guide.

So if you are shy or are suffering from depression, this new moon gives you the chance to make a brave new start. This is a great opportunity to leave your comfort zone and come out of your shell. You can use the courage, enthusiasm, initiative and good luck from Mars trine Jupiter to break the Saturn shackles of inhibition, pessimism, and loneliness.

And, the dynamic new moon April 2021 astrology aspects can be used to break through barriers that may have stood in your way for a very long time. This is an excellent new moon to overcome external limitations and obstacles. You can also overcome a fear of failure or a fear of success. This is a particularly good new moon to start your own business or ask someone out on a date. Fortune favors the brave this moon phase.

The effects of the April 11 new moon last for four weeks up to the May 11 new moon. And the best time for new starts is during the waxing moon phase, from April 11 to the April 26 full moon.

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