The card drawn for this week is the Knight of Swords

What mission are you focusing on this week?

Once your mind is set on something, nothing is stopping you. Right now you’re highly driven, ambitious, and action-oriented. You’re so motivated to succeed that you will stop at nothing to pursue your dreams. 

The challenges, difficulties, and obstacles on the path ahead don’t sway you because you know where you want to go. You’re moving forward with sheer strength and determination to make things happen.

Rather than making plans, you prefer to dive right in, taking quick action. You’re thriving on high levels of energy that propel you forward and inspire you to take action to manifest your goals.

Now’s the time to be assertive in getting what you want and pursuing your goals. Harness this energy in your life by being proactive and forward-thinking. See yourself as the creator of your future and be ready to take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Ask Your Tarot Cards: What is my mission?

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