Gemini Season Is Going To Be Pure Chaotic So (Laugh, Cry and Run…Simultaneously)

Move over, Taurus season. After a month spent in the stubborn sign of the bull, the sun is finally moving into chatty, expressive Gemini on 20th May, and it will stay there until 20th June. Gird your loins, people, because the energy is about to shift — big time. This upcoming Gemini season could be life-changing.

We’re shifting to vibes that are more intellectual, loquacious, upbeat, and free-spirited but this energy can sometimes seem unpredictable and restless. You may find your time is split in many different directions and your curiosity piqued. Enjoy the natural curiosity and desire to interact with others during the Gemini season. Engaging with the world can be a rewarding experience, especially given the past year of isolation. You’ll be drawn to exploring new spaces and interests, meeting new people, and interacting with others — but may feel pulled in one too many directions. Just remember to give yourself some time to chill and take it easy as you reintegrate back into society.

While you’ll feel the urge to communicate more with others and put yourself out there, the energy is ripe for gossip. Gemini’s agenda is exchanging information which means both collecting and passing it on,. It’s not all bad, though —Now is a time when learning, networking, connecting with people are of the utmost importance. Make a mental note to think before you speak. Filter your words, and resist the urge to spread information that could hurt someone else.

This Gemini season in particular promises to be a transformational period. During this free-spirited time, we’ll all experience a series of twists and turns. The twin sign is a known communicator and connector, who loves the gift of gab and often sees the dualistic side to every matter. There is no longer one perspective, but two, that will allow us understand matters from a different side. This way of thinking may help you make more meaningful choices, and overall isn’t a bad way to go through the next month.

While the sun is hanging out in Gemini, we’ll experience the second eclipse season of the year, with a lunar eclipse on 26th May and a solar eclipse 10th June. Eclipses bring changes, turns, and twists, so we must be aware that if we have any natal planets in the mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces — we will most likely experience a big change in our lives. These eclipses will make us change the direction that we are taking in life. Our senses will be awakened, urging us to seek a new path.

Change isn’t always a bad thing — a shift in perspective may lead us down a better road than we were on before. So prepare yourself for any kind of evolution, whether it’s where you want to live or how you want to approach work or your relationships over the next month.

Gemini season is also bringing us a Mercury retrograde in the sign of Gemini. Mercury’s backwards spin lasts from 29th May to 22nd June in the air sign Gemini. The effects will be felt even more because it’s Gemini Season, and Gemini’s planetary ruler is Mercury.

As always, Mercury retrograde brings along some confusion. There is a high chance some of the information coming your way may be misunderstood, misrepresented, or mis-communicated, Analyze and filter it carefully before passing it on to avoid unpleasant situations. Another transit to look out for this Gemini season are the squares between Neptune and three of the natal planets: the sun, Venus, and Mercury. This will add even more confusion to the mix. It’s important to be aware that we will not be thinking clearly, and that things won’t even be as they seem. Because of this, try not making any big career or relationships moves — although on the other hand, because change is already among us, the more we go with the flow, the better things will turn out.

At the end of the day, Gemini season sounds promising. There’s an energetic vibe in the air, and the possibilities are endless. And you know, even Mercury retrograde isn’t all that bad — as long as you’re prepared, it should be smooth sailing.

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