And Today….Pre Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

The Moon is still in Scorpio, but today should go a lot smoother than yesterday.  This is because the Moon will pull away from Saturn and Uranus while picking up support from Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces.    Yep. That’s a grand trine in water. We also have Saturn in Aquarius supporting a stellium in Gemini.   

If you put these things together, you’ve got a decently-oiled machine to work with. Not quite “well-oiled”, but it’s doable; and compared to what we’ve dealt with over the last year or so, it’s grand.  

The Moon will ingress into Sagittarius tonight, the eve of tomorrow’s lunar eclipse which aspects Jupiter. You might have some really interesting (Gemini) Jupiter-themed dreams (Pisces).  


All in all, the day starts out okay, gets better, and ends well. It’s like walking into a casino, losing a little, then winning and actually leaving with the cash!   Also, don’t forget Mercury will turn retrograde on Saturday. Super foggy. Drive slow, keep your lights on and try not to deceive yourself during this foggy event.

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