This week is marked by the nurturing, caring, compassionate, and sensitive energy of Four of Wands

What are you celebrating this week?   

With the Four of Wands, this week is sure to be one of joyful celebration, blissful happiness, and appreciation for the good things in life.

Make time to celebrate with those you love most. You may commemorate a significant event or milestone such as a wedding, birthday, homecoming, or reunion. Relax and let your hair down – enjoy this special time together!

The Four of Wands can indicate that you’re returning home or to the people and places familiar to you. You feel supported and secure, knowing you’re with those who love and care about you.

After a period of rapid growth and expansion, it’s time to pause and celebrate what you have achieved so far. Step back for a moment and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Ask Your Tarot Cards: What am I celebrating?

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