This week is marked by the nurturing, caring, compassionate, and sensitive energy of Strength reversed

Are you feeling depleted right now? When the Strength card appears reversed it’s time to tune into your current levels of inner strength, confidence, and self-belief.

Are you overflowing or depleted? Think about how you can bring these aspects of yourself back into balance.

Recently you may have experienced a setback. This can leave you feeling vulnerable, lacking in self-confidence. Know that your core strength will always be with you. Now is as good a time as any to reconnect with this power.

In fact, you may hold more strength and resilience than you’re giving yourself credit for. Be kind to yourself.

Reinvigorate your self-esteem. Collect evidence from your past that proves you have what it takes to succeed and overcome these temporary challenges.

Also, be mindful of explosive behavior. Find healthy ways to channel your raw emotions, so that you aren’t harming yourself or others.

Ask Your Tarot Cards: How can I replenish my strength?

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