This week is marked by the nurturing, caring, compassionate, and sensitive energy of the King of Wands

What are you manifesting?

This is pure fire energy in its masculine form. With the King of Wands, you’re not as interested in creation and creativity, or in dreaming up ideas and implementing them yourself. 

Instead, you’re focused on taking an idea and enlisting others to help manifest it. 

This is a sign you are stepping into the role of a visionary leader, ready to direct your people towards a common goal. 

You have a clear vision of where you want to go, and now you are manifesting that vision with the support of those around you. 

Others will naturally gravitate towards you because you are charismatic, focused, and determined, and they believe in you and your vision. They want to be a part of what you are manifesting and are here to support you one hundred percent of the way. 

Lead your life with intent, vision, and a long-term view. You have a grand idea of what is truly possible, and you will stop at nothing to see it through.

Ask Your Tarot Cards: How can I lead others towards my vision?

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