On July 9th, 2021 we have a beautiful New Moon at 18° Cancer.

Cancer is a delicate energy. Often symbolized as the mother, the home and our inner most sanctum. It has this intense energy to it which calls for us to move in time with nature and allow our emotions to shift the way the weather does, something which holds deep tension with the lives most of us live. Cancer is an energy that in most of us is unhealed.

Maybe simply said, this is a sign that calls for us to reawaken our inner feminine and honor the mother within and around us. That sounds simple but there is a lot of collective baggage around this which stems back to the start of the repression of the feminine. As such this is a New Moon calling for a new cycle to start which starts to pick at this wounding. You might call it the ‘mother wound’ or something along that line. It’s a cycle that is calling for deep cleansing to the places where you repress, deny, and even shield yourself from the immense power of the feminine. A great example of this is if you think about the value society places on work. We are brought up to believe that we should work 9-5 (if you’re lucky) 5 days a week and always be ‘on’. In truth, we have good days, bad days, unproductive days, intensively productive days etc. We are dynamic beings, not capitalize robots.

Cancer energy calls for you to reawaken that connection you have to your feelings. To heal those places you still believe that it’s not ok to cry, that you are too much, that you feel too much, that you get too angry etc. none of that is true. It’s just that we live in a society obsessed with order, and scared of chaos. The most obvious form of chaos – your emotions.

This is a New Moon to rebalance order with chaos, to start to drop your guard when speaking about how you feel (you have every right to express yourself) and to take time to notice when you’re having a good or not so good day – and not labeling that as unproductive. FYI – You are not here to be productive.

Cancer New Moons are special New Moons by default, because Cancer is ruled by the Moon. We are talking about Moon’s favorite New Moon of the year! Cancer is the sign of conception, and New Moons in Cancer are great for birthing personal projects that you’ve been nurturing and working on for some time.

The good news doesn’t stop here. The New Moon is supported by Neptune and Uranus. The New Moon is trine Neptune in Pisces, sextile Uranus in Taurus, and opposite Pluto in Capricorn.

Basically the New Moon makes aspects with all outer planets. Outer planets aspects always feel fated, it’s like there are higher forces at play, like there is a divine orchestra that guides our actions. That’s why this New Moon in Cancer will have an almost magical feel to it. Things are finally falling into place.

The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) work at a subtle level, but they nevertheless influence us every step of the way. Nothing may actually happen, but we will feel a sense of direction, of “rightness”, a feeling that God is on our side.

New Moon In Cancer – What Feels Right

Of course, this is a New Moon in Cancer, so we are in the realm of feelings. Cancer is a cardinal, water sign. Just like the river intuitively finds its way to the sea, our feelings want to guide us in the right direction.

If you are a more intellectual type of person, trusting your emotions can feel awkward; you may not even know where to start.

Well… the good news is that you don’t have to start anywhere! A New Moon in Cancer is not a “7 steps to anything. New Moons in Cancer are not about fixing something, following a plan etc… not even about meditation or any other type of spiritual practice. I mean, it can be about meditation, but the key here is that there is no process, no “best practice”, no “how to” to a New Moon in Cancer.

With the New Moon in Cancer, you only have to do what feels right. That’s it! Easy no? Well, that’s why the Moon is in domicile in Cancer, because Moon and Cancer speak the same language – the language of emotions.

The New Moon in Cancer is a time to honor your emotions, to pay attention to what you actually feel. Within Cancer’s cardinal waters, if something ‘feels’ right, then it probably is right.

And here comes the “task” of the New Moon in Cancer: this task can be incredibly easy, or incredibly difficult. Can you welcome your emotions? Can you allow the Cancerian waters to guide your actions? Can you actually act upon your feelings?

Some may say: if I really act on my feelings, then someone’s going to get hurt. But bottled hurt is not really what Cancer is about (that’s more the Fixed Water Scorpio). Cancer is Cardinal Water – Cancer is that very first emotional input, that is rooted in the truth of who we are.

The Moon In Cancer – The Womb Of Creation

In Astrology, Cancer is connected with our home and family, with our safety and comfort zone. Cancer is our roots, the womb of creation, that safe, nurturing space where life is formed. Cancer is the source, the root cause, the deeper truth. When we acknowledge, when we connect with our Cancer zone of genius, when we trust our gut feeling, we automatically do the right thing.

It’s interesting that in Cancer’s safe womb of creation, new life can emerge only if there is some chromosomal match, if it makes evolutionary sense for mother’s and father’s genes to come together. If there is a match, new life emerges. If not, nothing happens.

Similarly, when we trust our emotions, when we’re confident about how we feel, things come easily. Nothing good can ever come to life if it’s not rooted in our intuition and emotions. The New Moon in Cancer is about birthing something new into existence.

At the New Moon in Cancer, let your intuition and gut feelings guide your actions and become your inner priest. When you’ll feel a sense of alignment, you’ll know you’re on the right path.

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