Confidence & Glamour, Incoming: 6 Ways To Welcome This Leo Season Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During this “season,” everyone feels the energy of this prevailing astrological sign, no matter what your Sun sign horoscope may be. Leo season 2021 is from July 22 to August 22. As nurturing, heartfelt Cancer season draws to a close, Leo season turns our attention away from our cozy creature comforts, putting us under the proverbial spotlight to showcase our heart’s truest passions and desires. Leo is the astrological showstopper, the sign that loves being the center of attention. During Leo season, we can be self-centered at times but also excited, enthusiastic, and loyal. After all, Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is the force of our solar system. This is the sign that literally gives us life!Expressive Leo is the second of the zodiac’s three fire signs, and it’s of the “fixed” quality. Fixed signs (the others are Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are builders who like to stake out their turf and claim it. They come to stay—and they come to slay. And when glamorous Leo ascends to the throne, this potent energy arrives with a trail of glitter and gusto! Ruled by the bold, ego-driven Sun, Leo is symbolized by the proud Lion.

During expressive Leo season 2021, we can start using our voices again. That mighty roar can attract admirers, but it can also arouse drama. Keep theatrics in the nondestructive zone and you can relish in a few diva moments. Sometimes it takes a little “play fighting” (conjure the image of two lions rolling around on the savanna) to establish that you can hold your own. You don’t have to rip anyone’s head off to earn that regal respect!Here are six ways to magnify the magnanimous Leonine energy during Leo season 2021:

1. Tell your story — and allow others to tell theirs.All the world is a stage while the Sun is in Leo, so rehearse your lines…and script them wisely! You will be applauded—or booed—loudly now when you step up to the mic. But don’t let that stop you from making an unforgettable impression. Leo season 2021 is prime for flaunting your talents. Passion will be the driving force behind just about everything you do—whether or not your performance involves a stage. Many people will dare to be more vulnerable during Leo season, but be wary of getting swept away in personal theatrics. Leo energy can cause us to upstage others at times, forgetting that each and every person is a valuable member of a team. Use Leo’s flair for powerful leadership, but make sure everyone has their place on the playbill.

2. Put your signature stamp on your work.Do you! Leo energy encourages us to add our signature stamp to all that we do. This is a time of pageantry, a cosmic coming-out of sorts. Wardrobe? Check! Experiment with your hair and makeup, or don accessories and colors you don’t normally wear. While you don’t have to go full diva or debutante, have some fun with your look. Style is a tool for self-expression, so choose the statement you want to make. This is not a season for fashion as tyranny or an elitist insider’s club.

Fiery Leo is a democratic sign that understands the concept of individuality. The only runway you need to sashay down is your own!

3. Try not to complicate things. Ugh, drama. During Leo season 2021, trying to make a simple plan can feel like negotiating an international peace treaty. Take a deep breath and remember that the current situation is not the end of the world, or the last opportunity you’ll ever have, or your moment to deliver an Oscar-worthy acceptance speech (unless, of course, you’re winning an award). Do your part and urge others to keep it simple…and don’t add to the unnecessary theatrics yourself!

4. Refuse to “act your age.”One danger of Leo season 2021 is that people take themselves too seriously. Everything becomes so charged with meaning and importance that simple interactions turn into soap operas. Too much! Make a conscious effort to keep things fun and lighten up. After all, Leo rules the zodiac’s fifth house of playfulness and childlike wonder. Host a happy hour, hop on the “adult coloring” bandwagon, experiment with DIY crafting.

Break into interpretive dance during the morning meeting to add some levity. Bring some of Leo’s life-force energy into the mix by getting creative—and physical. While Leo season’s childish demands can be exhausting, the whole idea of “acting your age” deserves to be roundly dismissed. Forget about all of society’s “rules” during this live-out-loud phase. Reinvention queen Madonna is a Leo, as is the ageless and ever-limber Jennifer Lopez. Leo energy is an endless bag of tricks—and Leo season is a time to do something edgy and fun that disrupts the boring status quo. During Leo season, let’s all hold our heads high instead of staying small!

5. Know the difference between bravery and bullying.Leo is ruled by the proud and regal Sun, the center of our solar system. During Leo season 2021, we may occasionally, um, forget that the world doesn’t revolve around us. Egos can run amok. Defending our “honor” or “principles” can start to sound a lot like bullying and bigotry. So feel free to have an opinion—and to take a stand for it. Just make sure you’re not silencing someone else’s right to have theirs.

6. If you must roar, do it lovingly.Prepare to dodge some chest-beating loudmouths during Leo season. Sadly, the most obnoxious people to surface during Leo time are often well dressed, charismatic, and in positions of power. But what the heck are they saying? Let’s not get so dazzled by the show ponies that we end up running off with their circus!

Let’s spend as much time thinking about what comes out of our mouths as we do with adorning and primping ourselves for “the stage.” Then maybe, just maybe, our roars can make a difference. Infuse your intentions with love and that mighty bellow will become a rallying cry for everyone to claim the Leo season birthright: passion, fierceness, and joy!

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