August 8 New Moon Horoscope

Be careful what you share with the universe—what’s spoken cannot be unheard. On August 8, the New Moon will join the Sun in the sign of Leo!

Leo is a creative and passionate fixed sign, and it values putting itself out there and performing. The ability to sparkle and be seen is what makes Leo feel alive…which makes this New Moon an extremely opportune time to wake up your senses.

Apply your favorite lipstick, be bold, and choose whatever feels sexy. You’ll feel pleasantly surprised how heads will turn and roll just to get a glimpse at you. (BTW, you don’t have to leave your home to strike a pose. In fact, with the whole Delta variant going on, it’s not a bad idea to stay at home—plus, Venus is currently in Virgo, indicating that making healthy choices is actually the optimum move.)


Have a rendezvous—what you do during it is entirely up to you. Your romantic energy is bubbling and bursting, so take advantage of it. You may be thinking about a serious commitment, and your investment in it could be holding you back from a little fun. It’s okay to sample what the world has to offer before thinking about forever.


You’re going to get the opportunity to speak your mind—maybe a work-from-home situation is presenting you with the ability to voice your opinion and push the dial forward. Try not to get too caught up in childhood insecurities, or you may have difficulties leaving your comfort zone.


Take what you’ve learned about fashion and style and apply it to your life! This New Moon is all about playing with your aesthetic. Think of ways you can create the perfect look. Look in your closet and grab a dress you haven’t worn in a while, or shoes that you’ve been too scared to wear out. Leo energy is all about being bold!


Are you open to receiving great things? The New Moon is lighting up your house of values, meaning money is about to make an appearance in your life. Be open to new opportunities—they can bless you in ways that you can’t imagine yet. Spending money to make money might be a requirement, so make sure you keep a budget.


First of all, happy Leo season! May your solar return bring forth meaningful experiences and insightful lessons. This New Moon is helping you awaken yourself. Our modern-day plague has put a damper on the world. Going out just isn’t the same, if you’re going out at all! Jazz yourself up on August 8: The way you dress today will move you towards who you wish to be tomorrow.


Pay close attention to the songs that cross your mind right now, especially if they seem relatable to your present experiences. Do you cha-cha off to the tune of “Say So” when flirting when talking to a friend? The music that shows up for you can help you better understand your subconscious.


When was the last time you made a wish? You’ll find that this New Moon has the power to link you with the people necessary to help it come true. Let your heart do the talking, Libra. You’re allowed to dream big and let your imagination soar! Wild things can happen when we allow ourselves to believe they can.


Big things are popping and little things are dropping! Your career is about to receive a much-needed boost. If you’re been worried or feeling like there hasn’t been much movement, your luck is about to change. Be willing to put yourself out there digitally—this is a good day to send out your resume and project proposals.


Be open to learning something new, Sagittarius. Living in your comfort zone can feel great, but the universe will bless you when you break free. Take a spontaneous trip somewhere and don’t forget to bring a camera. If you need help figuring out your angles, turn to TikTok and search “how to pose.” This New Moon is all about learning how to have more pride!


What a wonderful time to share what you have with others. You’re a hard worker, so you’re able to accumulate plentiful resources. Spend this New Moon being charitable. It should go without saying that what you give will return to you tenfold. Release expectations and be open to the spotlight.


There’s no reason to be a wallflower, especially not on a New Moon in Leo! Connect with your close friends, even if it’s just digitally. Spending time with them will help you towards your next adventure. You need to get out of your head and have new experiences. Be sure to dress to impress. You will be noticed.


Your mind might have been working against you over the past couple months. It’s understandable—the times are hard and Neptune, the ruler of your sign, has been retrograde, making things feel regressive. This New Moon is blessing you with the opportunity to make a new routine for yourself. It’ll help your mind.

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